Inside Myanmar: After the Crackdown

In 2007, Al Jazeera went undercover in Myanmar to report on monks' protests and the resulting crackdown by the military.

Xenophobia Attacks

Homes and shops burned in anti-migrant S Africa attacks

Renewed anti-foreigner violence has raised fresh fears and uncertainty among members of migrant communities in S Africa.


Anti-migrant protest in South Africa turns violent

Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets to break up local protesters who blame foreigners for unemployment and crime.

Human Rights

Jordanians protest over price increases

Demonstrations across country oppose new taxes on goods and services and call on cabinet to resign amid economic crises.


French youths protest police brutality, eight arrested

Eight arrests reported after isolated skirmishes as teens protest suspected rape of young black man with a police baton.

Human Rights

A true general strike is possible in Trump's America

This is the moment to take action for establishing meaningful connections among communities and issues.

by Lena Afridi


Protests over teachers' strike turn deadly in Guinea

At least five people killed and 30 wounded in Conakry demonstrations sparked by a teachers' strike, the government says.


Red Alert for China's pollution protesters

China wants people to care for the environment, one person at a time.

by Salvatore Babones


Thousands protest in Panama against corruption

Demonstrators take part in anti-government rally amid growing scandal over bribes paid by Brazilian firm Odebrecht.


Romania protests: Voices from the street

Thousands demonstrating even after government repealed a decree that would have spared corrupt officials from jail.


Romania government 'will not quit' despite mass rallies

Protesters vow to keep pressuring Romanian government, but ruling coalition head says prime minister has full support.


The TPP controversy explained

The TPP is a controversial trade deal by Pacific countries. Here is what supporters and opponents think of it.


Opposition holds mass rally in the Nepalese capital

Nepal opposition leader vows not to pass constitutional amendment, as tens of thousands protest proposed change.


Fuel price hike sparks riots and looting in Mexico

Sudden spike in fuel prices sparks riots, looting, and arrests of hundreds of demonstrators as government holds firm.


Standing Rock 'water protectors' dig in for the winter

As winter rages over the Dakotas and temperatures plummet below freezing, NoDAPL protest movement members hold ground.