Science & Technology

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy

Experts warn expansive new surveillance laws and lax attitudes threaten civil liberties and expose new vulnerabilities.

Edward Snowden

Will Putin expend Snowden for Trump?

With Trump's presidency, Edward Snowden may be compelled to leave Russia the way he entered it.

by Andrew Mitrovica


The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law

Some regulation of the internet is in order, but Pakistan's cybercrime law goes too far.

by Bina Shah


Journalism under surveillance in Canada

Canada might have a strong tradition of free press, but that has not stopped Canadian police spying on journalists.

by Andrew Mitrovica


Under surveillance in Russia

How and why Russia has been intensifying surveillance of activists, journalists and opposition figures.

by Roman Dobrokhotov

Privacy & Surveillance

Apple fixes privacy flaws as Emirati activist is hacked

Tech giant releases emergency fixture after UAE dissident Ahmed Mansoor flags spyware created by Israeli company.


Malaysia enacts controversial security law

National Security Act allows search and arrests without warrants, property seizures and bans on demonstrations.

Inside Story

How safe is your personal information on the internet?

With several recent data breaches, are governments and companies doing enough to protect our information online?


Apple rejects FBI order to crack Syed Farook's iPhone

Tim Cook says order to circumvent encryption on San Bernardino attacker's phone would set dangerous precedent.

Rebel Geeks

A Bigger Brother

Two cyber activists are creating a smartphone app so activists in Rio de Janeiro can securely document police violence.

Rebel Geeks

Give Us Back Our Data

Evgeny Morozov decodes the digital landscape to show how new technologies provide a smokescreen for a huge power shift.

Privacy & Surveillance

UK court to investigate rights group surveillance

Spying on rights defenders 'threatens lives' and could have 'devastating' impacts on NGO work, Human Rights Watch warns.

Science & Technology

Yahoo 'faced massive fine threat' over data

Internet giant says it was threatened with fine of $250,000 a day in 2008 if it did not surrender online information.