Fault Lines

Take as Prescribed: Drug Addiction in the US

Fault Lines explores what is behind the growing number of elderly Americans becoming addicted to painkillers.


Trade in harmful counterfeit pills going global

Cheap but fake medications, now available at online pharmacies, a growing problem across Southeast Asia.


The rising cost of heroin in small-town USA

Heroin-related deaths have quadrupled nationwide in the United States as consumption of the drug has sharply risen.


Life-destroying 'spice' drug engulfs Russia

Moscow blames Ukraine for proliferation of new highly addictive and deadly narcotic among its youth.

Fault Lines

Opioid wars

Fault Lines investigates the battle over the most popular and controversial drugs in the US, opioid painkillers.

Poverty & Development

Drug companies accused of ignoring Ebola

Analysts say lack of financial incentive is holding back pharmaceutical firms from researching cure for deadly disease.