We the People

Poverty: No Way Out

Investigating the cycle of poverty that has trapped 37 million Americans.

Human Rights

Seattle in US struggles with high homeless rate

The death of a 19-year-old man along the highway highlights the plight of the rising number of homeless in the area.

Fault Lines

Poison in Our Walls

Fault Lines investigates why hundreds of children in the US are still being poisoned by lead every year.


Haiti's peanut producers oppose US donation

Over 50 groups of farmers and aid workers seek to stop planned 500-tonne shipment that US officials term a donation.

101 East

Hong Kong: Aged and Abandoned

Hong Kong is one of the world's richest cities, so why are thousands of elderly residents collecting rubbish to survive?

US Elections 2016

Bernie Sanders calls out capitalism at the Vatican

US presidential hopeful says global action needed to end growing poverty and "economy operated for the top one percent".


In the Valley of Guns and Roses

The struggles of a single mother who works in a weapons factory in Bulgaria's Rose Valley.

People & Power

Begging for Life: From Manila to Malmo

People and Power investigates the growing global phenomenon of organised begging.

Counting the Cost

Davos 2016: Tackling oil challenge and inequality trap

As world leaders meet at the World Economic Forum, we discuss the low oil price, inequality and the threat of recession.


Powerless in India

An Indian electrician risks life and limb to siphon off electricity for poor areas in a city crippled by power cuts.


Iranians warm up winter with 'walls of kindness'

Citizens hang clothes on walls as a donation for the homeless during the country's harsh winter.

Humanitarian crises

Deadly famine looms in South Sudan

Without immediate humanitarian assistance, NGOs fear South Sudan is on the verge of famine.


On the road with the American 'vandwellers'

As the US housing crisis worsens, many retirees have embraced the freedom of living in small vans.

Counting the Cost

Has the World Trade Organisation failed poor countries?

We examine the Doha Development Agenda, a WTO initiative that has been unable to address unfair agricultural practices.


UNICEF sounds Nepal warning as harsh winter looms

Government blames "Indian blockade" for shortages in country hit by devastating earthquake earlier this year.