Police stop two US Olympic swimmers from leaving Brazil

Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger hauled off flight after doubts raised about a claim they were robbed at gunpoint.


Brazil nabs Olympic official for 'illegal' ticket sales

Patrick Hickey, president of the Olympic Council of Ireland, steps down "temporarily" after his arrest in Rio.

Saudi Arabia

Rio 2016: Saudi runner aims to break barriers

Marathoner Sarah Attar has inspired other women in Saudi Arabia to take up running as a serious sport.

Inside Story

Are the Olympics still relevant?

The Olympic Games are under way in Rio with athletes from around the world competing in the biggest sports competition.

Rio 2016

Rio 2016: Djokovic knocked out in first round

Argentine Del Potro sends world number one packing; Williams sisters bow out of doubles event.

Rio 2016

Brazil nets hopes on beach volleyball glory at Rio 2016

Crowds cheer local men's and women's teams' winning start to one of the most favourite sports in the country.

Rio 2016

Michael Phelps aims to add to his Olympics legacy

US swimmer and Olympic record holder aims for four more gold medals to add to the 18 he already has.


US teenager grabs first gold at Rio Olympics

Virginia Thrasher upsets China's Du Li to win women's air rifle event; bullet rips through tent at equestrian event.

Rio 2016

Divided Brazil welcomes the Olympic Games

Protests mar run-up to the opening ceremony but well-wishers at a Rio favela hope for a spectacular show.

Rio 2016

In pictures: Colourful ceremony launches Rio Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games were declared open in Rio de Janeiro with 206 nations and one refugee team taking part.

Rio 2016

Rio 2016: Protesters threaten to extinguish torch

Brazilians angry with the spiralling cost of the Olympic Games are venting their frustration on the iconic flame.

Rio 2016

Rio 2016: Time for performers to take sport past doping

Following on from doping scandals, the murky world of sport needs a strong performance on the field at the 2016 Olympics.

Rio 2016

Zimbabwe women's arduous journey to Rio 2016

Football team makes it to the Olympics despite degrading camp conditions, poor diet, low pay and taxing road trips.

Rio 2016

Rio 2016: Bittersweet Olympic dream for Kuwaiti swimmer

With Kuwait banned by the IOC, Faye Sultan will participate alongside other displaced athletes at the Rio Games.