Oil spill

Peru declares emergency after oil spill hits rivers

Communities told not to eat fish after pipeline burst pours 3,000 barrels of crude oil into Chiriaco and Morona Rivers.

Oil spill

Nigeria impounds Saro-Wiwa memorial art bus

Bus artistically designed to commemorate 20 years since the environmentalist's execution held up by Nigerian government.


Shell accused of lying over Nigeria oil spill clean-up

Oil company accused of making false claims about extent of clean-up operations and urged to do more for those effected.


Activists pipe up against US oil-transport plans

Enbridge Energy is eyeing a major pipeline in Minnesota state, but the project faces fierce environmental opposition.

My Nigeria

I remember the day... an oil spill changed my life

A Nigerian fisherman remembers the day an oil spill destroyed his livelihood, and the day he was compensated for it.


BP agrees to historic settlement over oil spill

British energy company says it will pay up to $19bn for damage caused by Gulf of Mexico oil spill five years ago.


California deploys hundreds in oil spill clean-up

Ecosystem under threat after 2,500 barrels of crude oil leak from Santa Barbara pipeline.


California declares state of emergency over oil spill

Move by governor Jerry Brown over spill off Santa Barbara County frees up funding and resources to help in clean-up.

Oil spill

Drenched in oil: Nigerians demand Shell spill clean-up

Compensation was paid for the devastating 2008 spills that soaked the delta, but clean-up hasn't begun six years later.


Armed with tech gadgets, civilians fight eco-crime

Global civic science movement equips communities with cheap tools to fight back against environmental polluters.


Crowdsourcing Data to Tackle Pollution

Kite-balloons and spectrometers - how community activists use DIY technology to investigate environmental polluters.


Abandoned oilfield a toxic wasteland in South Sudan

Amid civil war, contamination from an abandoned oilfield poses new threat to besieged civilians.


Soaked in oil: The cost of war in South Sudan

Derelict oilfield caught in a war zone contaminating drinking water and threatening tens of thousands of civilian lives.


Bangladesh blasted for oil spill response

Authorities criticised for 'slow' response to oil spill that devastated the world's largest mangrove forest.


Shell admits to misjudging Nigeria oil spill

Prior to court action, energy giant admits that 2008 oil spill in Niger Delta was larger than anticipated.