Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli settlers braced for eviction from Amona outpost

Fear of violence rises as residents of illegal Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank reject relocation offer.

Middle East

Israel: EU labelling rules have 'non-existent impact'

While the labelling guidelines prompted a rift between Israel and the EU, their economic effect is minimal.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Germany calls on Israel to repeal settlement bill

Berlin "extremely concerned" about Israel's plans for legalising settlement homes built on private Palestinian land.


France pushes to label Israeli settlement goods

Government advisory says items produced illegally in the occupied Palestinian territories must be clearly labelled.

Occupied West Bank

Killing Arafat: 'Does Abbas have any evidence?'

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas revives long-held suspicions over Arafat's death ahead of Fatah congress next week.


Israeli MPs approve draft bill to legalise settlements

The move could legalise more than 2,000 Jewish homes built on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Palestinians condemn Israeli bills on outposts, mosques

Proposed legislation allowing confiscation of private land and silencing of mosque "noise" could lead to "catastrophe".

Middle East

Repairing Palestine's historic mosaics

Hisham's Palace, home to one of the world's largest mosaic carpets, is in the midst of a massive restoration project.


Palestine: Analysts reject poll claiming PA popularity

A recent poll finds majority of Palestinian youth favour PA survival but analysts say this doesn't reflect reality.

Middle East

Palestinian villages 'get two hours of water a week'

Israeli control over water supplies in the occupied West Bank has left Palestinians desperate.

Middle East

Palestinian stone thrower shot dead by Israeli troops

Incident comes a day after 19-year-old woman was killed by officers who appeared to shoot her as she lay on the ground.


Israeli rights group vows to fight against settlements

B'Tselem leader, who urged the UN to take decisive action against settlements, says he won't be deterred by criticisms.


Two Schools in Nablus: Learning to Die

In 2007, we followed pupils and teachers struggling to get or deliver an education in the West Bank. What has changed?

Middle East

'Neither Fatah nor Hamas serious about national unity'

The Palestinian Authority is buying time to avoid an electoral defeat, analysts say.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

US accuses Israel of betrayal over new settlements

Washington denounces plans to build settler homes in occupied Palestinian territory, despite recent military-aid deal.