Reporter's Notebook

The seasons have changed but Nepal has yet to recover

One year after Nepal was devastated by an earthquake, desperate villagers wait for government funding to rebuild.

101 East

Nepal: After the Earthquake

We return to Nepal to find out how people have endured the aftermath of one of the nation's deadliest natural disasters.

Reporter's Notebook

Returning to the devastation of the Nepal earthquake

A year after the disaster, survivors in Sindhupalchowk, the hardest hit area, live in desperate conditions.

Climate Change

Climate: Carbon emissions highest in 66 million years

UN studies project temperatures could rise by up to 4.8C this century, causing floods, drought and more powerful storms.


Timeline: Nepal earthquakes

For the second time in three weeks Nepal has been hit by a major earthquake.

Natural disasters

The Indian plate: A decade of earthquakes

The devastating quake in Nepal happened within the Indian tectonic plate area, where about 1.5 billion people live.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

Off the Rails: A Journey Through Japan

A personal look at how the country's railways reveal so much about Japanese culture and the changes in society.

Natural disasters

Flying over Nubri Valley in Nepal

Aerial views of Nepal reveal the scale of the devastation and ongoing reconstruction efforts.


Rebuilding Nepal: The rubble must go

After earthquake, debris and a vague reconstruction plan hinder Nepal's efforts to 'Build Back Better'.


Myanmar inundated by floods


North Korea's worst ever drought will test new policies

Things seem to be more serious than the typical doomsday projections in North Korea this time.

by Andrei Lankov


Nepal two months after the deadly earthquake

As monsoon season sets in, residents in Nepal still struggling to rebuild after earthquake.


Early earthquake warnings and 'smart guns'

TechKnow explores early earthquake detection systems and a new, 'safer' gun with user-recognition technology.


A small step forward in Nepal

The vague agreement on Nepal's constitution offers some encouragement, but the risk of disappointment is high.

by Thomas Bell