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Dakota Access Pipeline: Behind the 'media blackout'

We examine the issues behind the scant mainstream media coverage of the Standing Rock protest.

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Dakota Access Pipeline: Protests, politics and coverage

Despite scant media attention to the protests, Native Americans emerge victorious; plus, Netanyahu, Israel's media man.


Sioux leader urges Dakota pipeline protesters to leave

Some protesters are skeptical of government's decision to refuse permission for controversial oil pipeline project.

US & Canada

Standing Rock: Thousands rejoice as army denies pipeline permit

Celebrations marking the ruling continue as many worry government will overrule the army's decision.


Protesters celebrate as army halts Dakota pipeline work

Native Americans and activists celebrate the decision to halt plans to construct an oil pipeline through tribal lands.

US & Canada

US army halts North Dakota pipeline project

Victory for Native Americans and climate activists who had been protesting against the $3.8bn project.


Dakota pipeline protesters dig in for winter

Anti-pipeline demonstrators start to erect permanent encampments as war veterans arrive and winter chill starts to bite.

Native Americans

North Dakota to block supplies for pipeline protesters

Rather than implementing a physical road block, officials will fine anyone providing basic supplies to protest camps.

United States

US authorities: Dakota pipeline protesters can stay

The US Army Corps of Engineers said those protesting a North Dakota pipeline will not be forcibly removed.

US & Canada

Dakota pipeline protesters told to leave federal lands

State officials encourage protesters to leave after US government says it will close area to public on December 5.


N Dakota pipeline protest is a harbinger of many more

We must understand that climate action, social justice and indigenous sovereignty are closely intertwined.

by Lauren Carasik

Native Americans

Outrage as Dakota oil pipeline construction resumes

US federal court denies Native American tribe's appeal against pipeline threatening water supply and cultural sites.


Al Jazeera English wins three NAJA awards

Al Jazeera wins three awards for its coverage of Native American topics.

Native Americans

The Choctaw v climate change: 'The earth is speaking'

In the US, members of the Choctaw nation fight to reclaim their relationship with the land in a world without seasons.


Bury My Heart in Dresden

The story of a Sioux chief buried in Germany in 1914 and the challenges his descendants face today in South Dakota.