Canada's Indigenous call for national suicide strategy

Two girls committed suicide in Ontario after Ottawa turned down local request for funding to stop youth 'suicide pact'.

Mental health

'Devil Boy': Down's syndrome in Sierra Leone

In a country that demonises mental disabilities, a mother recalls the journey of her community's acceptance and remorse.

Fault Lines

The Final Call: Why Firefighters Commit Suicide

Fault Lines explores the hidden epidemic of suicide among US firefighters and asks why more isn't being done to help.

Latin America

Guyana's high suicide rate

How is the country addressing the epidemic?

Death penalty

Pakistan urged to halt execution of mentally ill inmate

Politicians and activists say man facing the gallows is a paranoid schizophrenic who does not deserve the death penalty.


Can ecstasy drug therapy help cure PTSD?

TechKnow looks at the controversy surrounding psychedelic science and asks if a party drug can help cure trauma.

Reporter's Notebook

An artist's struggle to help others overcome self-harm

Al Jazeera meets someone who finds comfort in talking openly about self-harm, and a researcher who has written a guide for parents.

Human Rights

Kashmir's mental health crisis

According to a recent report, 1.8 million Kashmiri adults suffer from some form of mental distress.

Humanitarian crises

Healing Central African Republic's traumatised children

At classes for youngsters suffering from PTSD, girls draw pictures of men with guns, missing limbs and lost children.


South Thailand's battle against the trauma of conflict

After more than a decade of conflict, the violence in Thailand's deep south takes a toll on people's mental wellbeing.


US suicide rate highest in 30 years, says report

Data shows 13 people out of every 100,000 took their lives in 2014, with "white" suicides showing steepest rise.

Mental health

Mental illness in Kenya: 'I pray for them to be healed'

As people treat mental illness as a spiritual rather than a medical disorder, many victims go untreated.

People & Power

Out of the Shadows: Overcoming Mental Illness

How a pioneering approach to treating mental illness is helping to fight one of the world's most neglected diseases.


Ukraine: Traumatised by war and PTSD

On the front line of Ukraine's battle against PTSD, with war veterans, psychologists, priests and volunteers.

Mental health

Aboriginal youth: 'Suicide has spread like a virus'

Suicide and self-inflicted injuries are the leading causes of death among First Nations youth and adults.