101 East

PNG's Bundles of Joy

We follow a medical team on Papua New Guinea's remote islands working to reduce the rate of deaths during childbirth.

Women Make Change

A Family Matter: Saving Papua New Guinea's mothers

A doctor in Papua New Guinea finds that involving men in family planning is the key to reducing maternal mortality.

Human Rights

Mexican mentally ill women 'coerced into sterilisation'

Recent study says 42 percent of women with psychosocial disabilities surveyed had been forcibly sterilised.


Between Life and Death

Why is Africa still the most dangerous place in the world for mothers and babies?


Piggybacking to success

How a small organisation seized on Coca-Cola's global reach to save the lives of children in Zambia


Life and death in Malawi

A doctor and a filmmaker, husband and wife, set out to film how Malawi has improved maternal care


Low-tech innovation saves lives in Malawi

Pregnant women in Malawi are encouraged to give birth in hospitals, but lack of transport can cause problems.


Dr Kaliti: 'You have to pick up lives'

Meet the doctor working tirelessly to aid mothers and babies in Lilongwe, Malawi.


Salima Hospital: 'I feel safe here'

Health workers in Salima, Malawi are fighting to turn the country's abysmal maternal and neonatal mortality rates around

Fault Lines

Access Restricted: Abortion in Texas

Fault Lines travels to Texas to investigate why some women are taking abortion into their own hands.


Challenging traditions to save lives

Rural communities in Malawi are changing traditional behaviours to save mothers and their babies.


Infographic: Maternal and neonatal mortality

Why is pregnancy and childbirth still very dangerous for women in the developing world?


Vietnam: Between tradition and modernity

Despite improvements in health services, cultural barriers mean many Hmong women receive little maternal care.


The Mountain Midwives of Vietnam

The maternal mortality rate in rural regions of northern Vietnam is 10 times higher than the national average.