Battle for Aleppo

Whitewashing Assad and his allies must be challenged

When we leave whitewashers to continue their campaigns unchecked, we put our own voices at risk of being marginalised.

by Malak Chabkoun

Battle for Aleppo

Reporting from the ground in times of war

Courageous endeavours of journalists in Aleppo deliver the news we hear today.

by Clive Stafford Smith

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Fidel Castro: Contested legacy, competing narratives

We analyse the competing narratives around Fidel Castro; plus, the UK's new surveillance law, the 'Snoopers' Charter'.

The Listening Post

How will the UK's Snoopers' Charter affect journalism?

A look at the UK's new surveillance law and the relationship between the security state and the journalists covering it.

The Listening Post

Rise of the right: 'Anarchist' media in the Netherlands

We look at how the rise of the far-right is forcing a change in the country's media landscape.


Deported from Palestine: Why Israel fears journalists

Journalist Eoin Wilson reflects on Israel's policy of deporting foreign witnesses to the Israeli occupation.

Human Rights

UK politicians approve 'extreme surveillance' law

The Investigatory Powers Bill legitimises previously murky data-collection practices.

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Normalising Trump: The US media whitewash

How the US media begins the process of 'normalising' Donald Trump; plus, reporting the rise of the right in Germany.


Egypt hands journalist union head two years in prison

The ruling on against Yahia Kallash, head of the country's press union, and two others comes after a seven-month trial.

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Mosul and Aleppo: A tale of two besieged cities

We examine the difference in the coverage of Mosul and Aleppo. Plus, the Lebanese media mosaic.


Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans killed in Libya

ISIL sniper fire blamed for death of Jeroen Oerlemans while covering government offensive against the group in Sirte.

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EfSyn: A Greek media success story

No one thought the Greek 'journalists' paper' would last, but EfSyn's circulation continues to rise.

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Venezuela's Maduro: Fighting a losing media war?

Protests in the streets and a battle of media narratives in Venezuela. Plus, the Greek newspaper with nine lives.


Al Jazeera English wins three NAJA awards

Al Jazeera wins three awards for its coverage of Native American topics.

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US elections and the media: How did we get here?

We explore how a lack of regulation and absence of a strong public broadcaster has impacted the coverage of US politics.