Egypt hands journalist union head two years in prison

The ruling on against Yahia Kallash, head of the country's press union, and two others comes after a seven-month trial.

Human Rights

Al Jazeera journalist detained in Somalia

Reporter arrested by Somali security agents in the capital, Mogadishu, along with a driver, fixer and cameraman.


Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans killed in Libya

ISIL sniper fire blamed for death of Jeroen Oerlemans while covering government offensive against the group in Sirte.


Egypt detains reporters conducting street interviews

Journalists accused of publishing "false news" and belonging to the now banned organisation, Muslim Brotherhood.


Egypt's image crisis has grown worse

Public relations manoeuvring can't save Egypt's government from itself.

by Mohamad Elmasry


Al Jazeera journalist slams Egypt death verdict

Ibrahim Helal, who is among three reporters sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt, says his case is political.

Journalism under fire

Egypt sentences six to death in espionage case

The defendants, including two Al Jazeera journalists, handed death verdict for "leaking state secrets to Qatar".


The Arab media paradox

Despite an intensifying media crackdown, Arab journalists are defying repression in the cause of freedom of expression.

by Khaled Diab

The Listening Post

Tightening the grip: Turkey's media takeover

We explore the government's clampdown on critical media; plus, we talk to Can Dundar, a journalist released from jail.

Journalism under fire

Al Jazeera team in Yemen missing in Taiz

Three Al Jazeera crew members who were last seen on Monday are believed to have been kidnapped, the network says.

Human Rights

Fears grow over health of hunger-striking Palestinian

Lawyers decry court date proposed by Israel for detained journalist Mohammad al-Qeq fearing he could die before hearing.

Human Rights

Fears grow over press freedom in South Africa

Journalist Micah Reddy tells Al Jazeera how police harassment and planned legislation are stifling the media.


Outcry as Filipino presidential nominee admits killings

Rights groups call on prosecutors to investigate claims by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he shot dead suspected criminals.

Press Freedom

Brazil journalists killed in record numbers

The country now ranks among the most deadly non-war zones for reporters, yet these abuses are difficult to prove.

Journalism under fire

Tackling Lebanese corruption – one photo at a time

Meet the man reporting on the stories some of Lebanon's most powerful people would rather you didn't know about.