Middle East

Egypt-Israel relations 'at highest level' in history

On the 39th anniversary of Sadat's speech in Jerusalem, the two countries have never been closer, analysts say.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Palestinians condemn Israeli bills on outposts, mosques

Proposed legislation allowing confiscation of private land and silencing of mosque "noise" could lead to "catastrophe".

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel court denies bid to delay settlement demolition

Israeli court rejects government petition to postpone demolition of a West Bank settlement built on Palestinian land.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Netanyahu backs bill to limit 'noise' from mosques

PM says Israeli citizens complain about excessive "noise" coming from loudspeaker systems for calls to prayer.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli PM demands MP restraint after Trump win

Benjamin Netanyahu tells Israeli ministers and MP's to stop making statements about Donald Trump's US election victory.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel says no to Middle East peace talks in Paris

Israel rejects French invite to a peace conference on Palestine, saying it prefers direct talks with the Palestinians.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Palestinians mourn final Cremisan Valley olive harvest

Extension of Israel's separation wall will soon cut Palestinians off from the valley's distinctive olive groves.

Inside Story

Clinton v Trump: Where do they stand on Palestine?

Both US candidates have pledged their support for Israel but what does that mean for Palestinians and the peace process?


UNESCO approves new resolution on Jerusalem

Home to Muslim, Christian and Jewish holy sites, Old City to retain conservation status after secret ballot.


Palestine: Analysts reject poll claiming PA popularity

A recent poll finds majority of Palestinian youth favour PA survival but analysts say this doesn't reflect reality.

Middle East

Why is Facebook targeting Palestinian accounts again?

The social media giant continues to disable Palestinian accounts and pages, activists say.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Video shows Israeli officers training in East Jerusalem

Israeli border police carry out stun grenade training in an East Jerusalem neighbourhood, new video appears to show.

Al-Aqsa mosque

Palestinians welcome UNESCO vote on Jerusalem holy site

Palestinian leaders reject Israeli criticism and urge UNESCO chief to implement will of cultural body's member states.

Middle East

'Bad Palestinians' under Israel's collective punishment

Lieberman's "carrot-and-stick" policy includes punitive measures against communities that housed alleged attackers.

Middle East

Palestinians urge FIFA to level the playing field

Forthcoming FIFA council meeting will examine complaints about football clubs based in Israeli settlements.