Human Rights

Palestinian prisoners go on mass hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike to demand basic rights as Israeli jails' conditions hit 'new low'.


'We fear the settlers will steal from us or burn us'

Around 4000 Palestinians live in fear over recent encroachment from Israeli settlements.

Middle East

Gaza pay cuts: 'We're falling victims to a dirty game'

Negative social and economic repercussions feared in Gaza after PA imposes workers' salaries cuts.


Facebook vs Palestine: Implicit support for oppression

Facebook's censorship and information sharing policies reveal a persistent pro-Israeli bias.

by Nadim Nashif

Al Nakba

Israeli police block Palestinian 'March of Return'

For the first time, Israeli police block the annual march to commemorate the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

King Abdullah praises Trump's Israel-Palestine efforts

King of Jordan welcomes Trump's 'holistic approach' as US leader vows commitment to bringing stability to Middle East.

Inside Story

Why are human rights workers barred from Gaza?

Human Rights Watch says Israel and Egypt are preventing researchers from entering Gaza to document alleged abuses.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

UN slams Israel, calls new settlement 'threat to peace'

UN chief calls decision to build another illegal settlement on occupied Palestinian land an 'obstacle to peace'.


Israel blasted after backing new West Bank settlement

Security cabinet approves for the first time in 20 years the building of a new settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Middle East

Infographic: What is land day?

Every year on March 30, Palestinians demonstrate their commitment to resisting Israeli occupation.


Land Day 2017: Israel's relentless land grab continues

As Israel resumes its settlement expansion with impunity, Palestinians have plenty to protest at this year's Land Day.

by Rachel Borrell

Middle East

Israel holds anti-BDS summit at United Nations

Palestinian ambassador says anti-BDS efforts will fail as Israel also cuts it funding to UN to protest resolutions.

Middle East

Arab League leaders demand a Palestinian state

Two-state solution is the only way forward as Arab leaders denounce Israel's 'continuous violations' at annual summit.


How are Palestinians resisting Israel's settlement law?

Palestinians are petitioning Israeli courts against a law that forces them to lease their lands to Israeli settlers.

Middle East

Grand Mufti: Arrest of al-Aqsa guards 'unacceptable'

Israeli police arrest Palestinian guards after they try to stop archaeologist from removing ancient stone from compound.