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Does new EU court ruling target Muslim women?

The European Court of Justice has ruled private companies can prohibit religious and political symbols in the workplace.


Muslims decry EU court ruling banning religious symbols

Hijab targeted as court rules workplace bans on political and religious symbols are not discriminatory.


Sexy veils, running shoes and missing feminisms

This Women's Day, Muslim women must rally against marketing strategies that present buying things as empowerment.

by Rafia Zakaria


The liberal roots of Islamophobia

Today's worst Islamophobes are not hailing from the ranks of the far-right movement, instead they claim to be liberals.

by Hamid Dabashi

Muslim Ban

What exactly are American Muslims apologising for?

American Muslims need revolutionary, not apologetic discourse.


Emmanuel Macron struggles to impress French Muslims

Presidential front runner draws praise for avoiding anti-Islam rhetoric but doubts persist over his centrist platform.


In Pakistan, a shrine to murder for 'blasphemy'

As a Senate committee mulls Pakistan's blasphemy laws, thousands visit shrine to Mumtaz Qadri, killer of Salman Taseer.


#VisitMyMosque: UK Muslims open doors to fight bigotry

More than 150 mosques invite Britons of all beliefs and none to visit and ask questions about the Islamic faith.

Donald Trump

Trump: Defeating 'radical Islamic terror' top priority

After inauguration, White House announces immediate policy to 'unite civilised world' to defeat and destroy 'terrorism'.


UK boxer stirs anger with photo in mosque

IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua criticised on Twitter over picture showing him taking part in Muslim prayers.


The Muslim as a 'Manchurian candidate'

The imperial-age idea of the 'conspiratorial Muslim' has re-emerged with new force and scope.

by Kevin Schwartz


'Islamophobia to blame' for South Africa mosque attacks

Muslim leaders call for calm and unity after mosques in Cape Town are defiled with pig blood and a pig's snout.


On Muslims, swimming lessons, and European secularism

A recent ECHR ruling in favour of Switzerland puts to test democratic and secular principles in Europe.

by H A Hellyer


Now and then, who to blame?

While history does not repeat itself in full details, it always shows us some patterns that we should always consider.

by Ahmed Al Sheikh


New York police allow Sikh and Muslims to grow beards

In a move aimed at inclusion, the New York Police Department also agrees to allow Sikhs to wear turbans.