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US colleges move to protect undocumented students

Eyeing Trump's policies, several universities take on "sanctuary" status to shield immigrant students from deportation.

United States

Undocumented immigrants face deportation under Trump

Undocumented immigrants in the US face an uncertain future with the coming Trump presidency.

Donald Trump

Trump to 'deport up to 3 million immigrants'

US president-elect, in his first interview since victory, says he plans to deport or jail undocumented foreigners.


Dreamer Mums: Divided by US Deportation

In Mexico, one woman dreams of reuniting with her family in the US legally as she supports other deported mothers.

US & Canada

US immigration policy: To build walls or bridges?

As construction of the border wall continues, so does the flow of undocumented migrants hoping for a better life.

United States

Guatemalans sheltering in US church avoid deportation

Mother and son win appeal against deportation order after taking sanctuary in a Texas church for eight months.

We the People

Immigration: No Way Out

How has immigration policy in the US divided the community?

Inside Story

What's fuelling hatred and intolerance in the UK?

Racism in Britain is on the rise as well as homophobia, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim violence.

US Elections 2016

Clinton says Trump fostering 'ugliness and bigotry'

Democratic candidate returns to campaign trail as Trump campaign says he "believes President Obama was born in the US".


Is having anti-Canadian values a Canadian value?

Canada is again caught up in an immigration controversy which calls for screening potential newcomers for their beliefs.

by Antonia Zerbisias

US Elections 2016

Trump seeks 'ideological certification' for immigrants

In major speech US presidential nominee Trump says immigration from countries such as Syria should be suspended.

US Elections 2016

Immigrants and Donald Trump: It's a complicated story

The country that they knew growing up seems to be changing for the worse in their eyes.

by Gregory Aftandilian


Malaysia's invisible children

Undocumented and marginalised, the children of migrants face arrest, detention and possible death in Malaysia's Sabah.


US Supreme Court blocks Obama's immigration plan

Split vote effectively kills Obama's executive order to protect millions of undocumented people from deportations.


Australia's Dutton warns against 'illiterate' refugees

Immigration minister draws criticism after saying refugees will take jobs from Australians.