Human Rights

Are Morocco and EU heading towards a political impasse?

Europe depends heavily on Morocco for cooperation on two most important concerns: Migration and counterterrorism.

Inside Story

Will Donald Trump's travel ban serve any purpose?

US president issues new travel ban after courts struck down his previous order.


Sikh man shot in US, told to 'go back to your country'

Attack in Washington state follows killing of Indian engineer in Kansas last month.


How Trump's immigration policies could cost the economy

Deporting millions of undocumented workers will be a huge blow to the US economy and have a negative impact on growth.

by Patricia Sabga


Citizenship as commodity: Free movement for the rich

The world is becoming a playground for the rich, as governments work towards putting a price on citizenship.

by Richard Seymour


US sanctuary schools defy Trump's immigration raids

A growing number of school districts are refusing to cooperate with immigration officials.

United States

Democrats invite immigrants to Trump's Congress speech

For the US president's first Congress address, rivals have invited people they say could be harmed by his policies

Human Rights

Canada locking up hundreds of children each year

New report says children held alongside parents in immigration detention are at risk of 'serious' human rights abuses.

US & Canada

US ramps up crackdown on undocumented immigrants

Department of Homeland Security issues sweeping new rules for automatically expelling undocumented immigrants.

Human Rights

Inside the American sanctuary city of Somerville

Can the city maintain its 30-year status as a sanctuary for undocumented migrants as Trump threatens to pull funding?

Human Rights

Mexican with protected status sues US over arrest

Mexican immigrant, protected from deportation under programme established in 2012, sues government after being arrested.


Death in detention: Suicide attempts soar in the UK

Some 393 refugees and migrants locked up tried to take their lives in 2015 - a record-high average of one a day.


Voices from the border: Opposing Trump's wall

Americans living close to the Mexico border voice opposition to policies that falsely conflate immigration and security.


EU should invest in development, not security in Africa

The EU must espouse a transnational approach with a clear development agenda that replaces its current security policy.

by Nassim Majidi
- Herve Nicolle

US & Canada

Trump clashes with courts over immigration ban

US president accuses court system of endangering the country after his controversial travel ban is put on hold.