Battle for Mosul

The man who serves up little smiles in Iraq's refugee camp

A popsicle and a smile might not be a substitute for a psychologist, but it makes the conditions more bearable for IDP children.


Refugees stranded in Somalia after Kenya eviction

Somalis are returning to Kismayo in a "voluntary" process to a homeland still stricken by war, drought, and hardship.

War & Conflict

Boko Haram gains ground in northern Nigeria

Army is fighting to retake Mubi, which was attacked by armed group last week, forcing thousands to flee.

Humanitarian crises

Iraqi refugees forced to live under ISIL

Iraq struggles to cope with its displaced population amid a financial crisis and lack of adequate funding by aid groups.

Humanitarian crises

Hundreds of families flee Libya's Benghazi

Rockets and artillery shells hit residential neighbourhoods, as street-to-street fighting rages between rival militias.

Humanitarian crises

More than 100,000 'have now fled Myanmar'

At least 8,000 Rohingya have left country by boat in just two weeks, expert says, to escape persecution and violence.

Humanitarian crises

Fleeing in S Sudan and asked to move again

UN temporarily stops relocating displaced people to new camps after facing resistance from a frightened population.


Civilians flee amid Kashmir border clashes

Villagers tell Al Jazeera human toll of cross-border fighting near disputed region of Kashmir.

Humanitarian crises

Nigerians flee after Boko Haram 'seizes' town

More than 26,000 people driven from northeastern town of Bama after armed group reportedly makes territorial gains.

Humanitarian crises

UN: More than a million Ukrainians displaced

UN agency says more than a million people have been uprooted by the conflict in Ukraine, including 260,000 internally.

Humanitarian crises

Palestinians find shelter at Gaza hospital

With emergency shelters overcrowded, displaced Palestinian families have sought refuge at Gaza City's Shifa hospital.

Human Rights

Ukraine's displaced facing long ordeal

Ukraine faces a worsening humanitarian crisis with 100,000 people being internally displaced as the conflict rages on.

Humanitarian crises

Displaced Iraqis seek refuge in Erbil

Fighting pushes large numbers of refugees closer to Erbil as US warplanes bomb Islamic State group in Iraq.

War & Conflict

UN warns of 'massive exodus' from Ukraine

UN alarmed by sharp rise of displaced people due to fighting in the country's restive east.

War & Conflict

Ukraine urges rebels to let civilians flee

Civilians are increasingly caught in the crossfire of civil war as the army marches on rebel-held Donetsk.