In the Field

Left out in the cold: Living with HIV in Russia

Talk to Al Jazeera travels to Russia to find out what's behind the fast-growing HIV/Aids epidemic.


Swaziland and HIV: Redrawing what it means to be a man

In a country with the highest HIV rate, notions of male pride and responsibility stop men getting diagnosed and treated.


AIDS 2016: This pandemic is far from over

Since the start of the epidemic, AIDS-related illnesses killed 35 million while 78 million were infected with HIV.


Homeless HIV patient evicted to make way for AIDS 2016

South African police evict homeless people ahead of AIDS summit, including HIV patient who lost his ARVs in the process.


Charlize Theron pulls no punches at AIDS summit

South African actor stuns thousands in her homeland with sharp observations about society's role in failing to end AIDS.


'We worked hard at confronting HIV. It's paying off'

Dorcas Makgato, Botswana's health minister, speaks to Al Jazeera about what's next in the country's Aids treatment plan.


Is the Kremlin fuelling Russia's HIV/Aids epidemic?

Activists point to the Kremlin's abandonment of internationally accepted prevention methods for the mounting crisis.


How Malawi reduced its HIV/Aids infection rate

Malawi's Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, on the approach to HIV in a country where 10 percent are infected.


Aids 2016: What's at stake?

Thousands of health experts, politicians, activists and researchers converge in Durban to discuss global HIV response.

The Cure

Zimbabwe: Can a team of doctors end Aids by 2030?

We meet a team of doctors with an ambitious plan to tackle the country's HIV/Aids epidemic.


Cambodia's illegal healers say they serve the poor

Unqualified medics were outlawed after one infected villagers with HIV, but many cannot afford any other treatment.

101 East

Cambodia: Unlicensed to Heal

101 East investigates Cambodia's healthcare system and asks if unlicensed village medics are the best hope for the sick.


Indonesia: Death by force-feeding drugs to dealers?

As the country considers new punishments in its war on drugs, critics say it should instead focus on helping addicts.


HIV cases in Russia pass the one million mark

Epidemic reaches record levels, according to top AIDS specialist, who warns true figures could be much higher.


HIV/AIDS: Fewer deaths, but infections still rising

Although the number of AIDS-related deaths has reduced by 42 percent, the number of new infections is still high.