War & Conflict

Doctors caught in the crossfire in northern Afghanistan

Heavy fighting between government militia and the Taliban has increased demand for doctors - and death threats.


Libido pill approved for sale with warning in US

Flibanserin, twice rejected by FDA, to be available only through certified healthcare professionals and pharmacies.

The Cure

The Good Doctor

How one doctor's inspirational leadership has made free, top-class public healthcare a reality in Pakistan.


Schools shutting out US-educated Mexicans back home

Children originally from Mexico or born in the US are being turned away from Mexican schools.


Cuba's medical magicians

Havana has long used 'doctor diplomacy' around the globe, but those at home know best their healthcare miracles.


Education falls prey to Ebola in Sierra Leone

Amid lingering disease fears and economic fallout, most children have stayed away from recently reopened schools.


Down to zero: Recovering from Ebola in Sierra Leone

Despite no new Ebola cases in the West Africa country, the effects of the outbreak will linger for years to come.


On Downstream: Med-tech to change global healthcare

The week's top stories from the world of science and technology from Al Jazeera Technology Editor Tarek Bazley.

Fault Lines

The Coverage Gap

Fault Lines examines why, despite 'Obamacare', more than five million Americans have been left without any healthcare.

War & Conflict

Caring for Syrians strains Jordan's finances

Government unable to continue medical services for refugees at state-run hospitals without increased foreign aid.

Science & Technology

New solution to Bangladesh health problems

Voicemail and text service now being used to deliver healthcare to pregnant women in remote rural areas.

Fault Lines

Opioid wars

Fault Lines investigates the battle over the most popular and controversial drugs in the US, opioid painkillers.

Humanitarian crises

Strike and Ebola test Nigeria's health system

Two more cases of Ebola put increasing strain on health service already crippled by doctors' strike over conditions.