Syria's Civil War

Russia and Syria deny striking UN aid convoy in Aleppo

UN halts all aid deliveries after attack destroys 18 trucks in rebel-held northern Aleppo and kills at least 20 people.


US and Israel sign record $38bn military aid deal

US president says the 10-year, $38bn arms deal will help bolster Israel's security in "a dangerous neighbourhood".


Israel to get $38bn in US military assistance

The US will reportedly provide Israel's military with $38bn in a 10-year deal that also involves concessions by Israel.

Syria's Civil War

'Most UN aid sent to government-held areas in Syria'

UN delivers 99 percent of aid to government-controlled territories and must "restore impartiality", rights group warns.

Syria's Civil War

Syria faces fierce criticism over Daraya bombing

Western powers flay government for dropping barrel bombs on town shortly after delivery of first food aid in four years.

Syria's Civil War

Bombs hit Syria's Daraya after rare food-aid delivery

Local council says at least 28 crude explosives dropped shortly after government gave UN access to 15 besieged areas.

War & Conflict

UN airdrops 'last resort' for Syria's besieged

Diplomats say airdrops to besieged areas is a last resort, accusing government of obstructing aid delivery by land.

Humanitarian crises

Inside Aleppo's fight for water and electricity

One local government in rebel-held Aleppo is trying – and struggling – to provide its people with basic services.

Asia Pacific

Where is Australia's aid agenda heading?

Australia needs to think again about the way it sees foreign aid.

by Megan Anderson


Does charity have an 'image problem'?

Fundraising appeals are often criticised for using negative stereotypes, but NGOs say other tactics often don't work.

Humanitarian crises

Thousands cut off from aid in disastrous Malawi floods

Aid organisations in Malawi struggle to locate communities stranded by 'worst flooding in living memory'.


Afghan leaders seek support at UK conference

London meeting provides platform for President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah to outline their reform plans.


The evolution of Afghanistan

Many donors are weary from their engagement in Afghanistan and the new government will face tough qu

by Kawun Kakar


The death of international development

The development industry needs an overhaul of strategy, not a change of language.

by Jason Hickel

Humanitarian crises

Africa doesn't want any more western band aids

Africans still associate it with a dark period - humanity and dignity were trumped by sensationalist

by Solome Lemma