Latin America

Floods and landslides kill scores in Peru

The government has issued a state of emergency across hundreds of districts. A landslide in northern Peru has killed at least seven people, bringing the toll from flooding to 67 this year.


18 dead as torrential rains submerge Thailand's south

Heavy downpours and flooding ravages southern provinces with more than 700,000 affected over the past week.


Fatal flash floods hit Johannesburg

Most violent storms in decades deluge Gauteng, South Africa


Eastern India now on alert for Ganges flooding

As India's monsoon season matures, the rivers keep rising, causing flooding in many parts of the country.


US: Louisiana river levels hit new heights

August is an unusual month for flooding around Baton Rouge and this one breaks records.


US declares disaster for Louisiana floods

At least five people dead and more than 20,000 rescued in US state amid predictions of more rain from storm system.

Middle East

Heavy rains cause flash floods in Yemen

Unusually heavy rains triggered flash floods over the weekend in Yemen, killing at least eight people in capital.


'Plum Rains' bring further flooding to southern China

The Meiyu monsoon front is pulsing with heavy rain again over the southern provinces of China.


Flash floods continue in France and Germany

Slow-moving major thunderstorms cause flooding in central Europe where rivers overflow.


Floods and landslides kill over 100 in Ethiopia

At least 20,000 homeless as meteorologists blame this year's particularly powerful El Nino for country's high rainfall.

Rebel Architecture

Pakistan: A Traditional Future

Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari uses local building techniques to rebuild villages in the flood-stricken Sindh region.


Deadly rains pound the Middle East

Dozens killed as flooding hits the normally desert-dry countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, and Qatar.


Late rains leave Queensland quenched and Sydney sodden

Australia's tropics get a late wet season boost, which also ends Sydney's summer sizzler.


Rain and flooding continue in US' Southern States

Remember the Texas and Oklahoma floods of 2015? Here we go again in the Southern States.


Hundreds trapped on rooftops in flood-devastated India

Authorities escalate rescue operations as thousands remain cut off in southern state with more rain in the forecast.

Climate Change

Drowning Megacities

Al Jazeera explores the African cities on the front line of the battle against climate change.