South Africa passes controversial land ownership law

Some groups critical of bill allowing compulsory purchase in public interest that ruling ANC says will tackle injustice.

Poverty & Development

India to pump almost $13bn into rural development

Government promises higher incomes for farmers as legislative assembly elections loom in five states.

Science & Technology

Antibiotic advance wins African innovation prize

Innovation Prize for Africa awarded to Moroccan researcher for developing natural alternative to livestock antibiotics.

Business & Economy

Arrests as Mexico farming wage strike turns violent

Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas at striking farm labourers, who are pushing for pay rise to $13 a day.

Human Rights

Myanmar arrests point to 'dangerous future'

Almost 200 farmers from five villages have been arrested since 2012 for protests over land confiscated by the military.


West Bank olive farmers predict poor harvest

Farmers in occupied territory blame situation on bad weather and repeated attacks by Israeli settlers.


Australian farmers fight new gold mine

New mine on prime agricultural land riles farmers and raises questions about the country's economic future.

Business & Economy

Women changing face of farming in Canada

For the first time in decades, farming in Ontario is attracting new interest and many new faces.

Business & Economy

Suicide risk rife among France's farmers

As part of Al Jazeera's series on farmers we look at the high suicide rate in France's rural community.


N Korea's 'successful face' of agriculture

Al Jazeera given rare access to a co-operative farm where the government says it is trying to improve food production.


Russian farmers seek profit from food embargo

Moscow's embargo on Western food products creates opportunities for local manufacturers but challenges remain.

Business & Economy

Mexico river contamination threatens farmers

Livelihoods threatened as pollutants including sulphuric acid and heavy metals from a copper mine enter rivers in north.

War & Conflict

Gaza farmers fear tending their crops

Farmers in besieged Gaza scared to tender crops as Israeli air strikes show no sign of stopping.

Humanitarian crises

Islamic State evicts Iraq farmers

The group's takeover of farms in Qaraqosh, 30km from Mosul, has caused fear among residents, and a jump in food prices.


Green Biodiesel in New York & Sugar Plastic

Converting waste cooking oil into bio-diesel; sugar plastic as a solution; and round the clock renewables.