A brief history of war and drugs: From Vikings to Nazis

From World War II to Vietnam and Syria, drugs are often as much a part of conflict as bombs and bullets.


Portugal: Fifteen years of decriminalised drug policy

Portugal treats addicts as patients, not as criminals, after 15 years of decriminalised drug policy.


Philippine mayor killed in police shootout

Mayor of Saudi Ampatuan was on a list of people identified by President Duterte as being involved in the drug trade.


Is Brazil's new strategy to help drug addicts doomed?

Sao Paulo implements a "harm reduction" programme in Crackland approaching addiction as a health issue, not a crime.


Mexico judge who handled drug-cartel cases killed

Federal Judge Vicente Antonio Bermudez Zacarias shot in head at point-blank range near Mexico City, but motive unknown.


Philippines: Drug raids and prisons

A glimpse inside the police operations sweeping the Philippines as part of President Duterte's war on drugs.


Mexico's Colima state: The drug war flashpoint

Once a calm place, today Colima is at the centre of the drug war where cartels battle over key smuggling routes.


'El Chapo' sons suspected of deadly Mexico ambush

Five soldiers killed and 10 others wounded after 60 gunmen ambush a military convoy transporting a drug suspect.


Can ecstasy drug therapy help cure PTSD?

TechKnow looks at the controversy surrounding psychedelic science and asks if a party drug can help cure trauma.


Philippine gang leaders say Duterte critic took bribes

Imprisoned group says it was asked to raise cash through drug sales to fund Senate campaign of Leila de Lima.


Could Duterte take a leaf out of Thailand's drugs playbook?

While Philippines kills drug dealers en masse, Thailand takes a step back from its own bruising war on drugs.

Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines seeks drug tests for college students

Mandatory drug tests at universities seen as next step in President Duterte's battle against illegal substances.

Human Rights

Philippines police chief: 1,900 killed in anti-drug war

The UN and the US have both expressed concern over the extrajudicial killings of alleged drug dealers.

Human Rights

Rights group accuses Mexican police of malfeasance

A new report alleges police tortured some of the 42 suspected members of a drug cartel killed in a 2015 raid.

Human Rights

Indonesia's war on drugs: Crackdowns and cutbacks

With funding cut for rehab, many of Indonesia's one million drug addicts are left with herbal and faith-based remedies.