Russian court bans Crimean Tatar governing body

The ruling brands Tatar community extremist organisation in latest move against Ukrainian peninsula's ethnic minority.


The deafening silence on the plight of Crimean Tatars

With the exception of Turkey, the Muslim world has been virtually silent on the Tatars' situation.

by Luke Coffey

War & Conflict

Alliances crumble along the Crimean border

Blockade of Crimea stands firm as tensions rise and accusations fly against Right Sector troops stationed on border.

War & Conflict

Life in the shadows of the Crimea blockade

Power cuts, rising prices and job losses are a daily reality for Ukrainians living near the Crimea border.

Head to Head

Russia: Old foe or new ally?

Former Motherland party representative Natalia Narochnitskaya discusses Russia's stance on Ukraine, ISIL and Syria.

War & Conflict

Russia's coal war with Ukraine leaves civilians cold

Ukraine's coal stores dwindle as Russia halts supplies in retaliation for Crimea blackout.

War & Conflict

Crimea blast leaves millions without electricity

Russia accuses Ukrainian authorities of deliberately refusing to help rebuild power lines damaged by unknown saboteurs.


Emergency declared in Crimea over power crisis

Disruption blamed on attacks on power pylons means large parts of region annexed by Russia are without electricity.


Ukraine calls Soviet deportation of Muslims 'genocide'

Parliament passes resolution recognising World War II-era deportation of Muslim minority from Crimea as 'genocide'.


Ukraine filmmaker goes on trial for terrorism in Russia

Oleg Sentsov, accused of plotting terrorist acts in Crimea, pleads not guilty at the beginning of court hearing.

War & Conflict

Putin's war on the Crimean Tatars

Ignoring Russia's occupation of Crimea also ignores the human tragedy taking place there.

by Luke Coffey


NATO's endgame in the Baltics

Does NATO's logic carry to its 'defensive' manoeuvres in the Baltic States?


Putin: Crimea annexation important milestone

In his New Year speech Russian president says takeover of former Ukrainian territory was a "historic milestone".

Human Rights

Ukraine human rights 'deteriorating rapidly'

Risk group accuses rebels of torture and says displaced people are at risk of labour abuse and human trafficking.

War & Conflict

Crimea's persecuted Muslims

Paying the price: Tatars detained, interrogated, and harassed after Russia's annexation of Crimea.