Russia and Japan seek deal over disputed territory

Putin arrives in Japan to discuss row over islands that prevents the two countries from formally ending World War II.

Human Rights

UN: South Sudan on brink of ethnic civil war

Rights commission urges international community to take immediate action in South Sudan to avoid "all-out ethnic war".


Death toll rises in Uganda tribal clash with police

A total of 87 bodies recovered after fighting between police and a militia loyal to a tribal king over the weekend.


Myanmar's army kills 69 'attackers' in Rakhine state

Death toll spike comes as former UN chief Kofi Annan expresses "deep concern" over crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.


Kashmir: Shelling forces thousands to flee their homes

Official says Indian shelling could cause exodus of 500,000 people in the Himalayan region as tensions surge.


Nigerian army presence prompts Niger Delta attacks

Niger Delta Avengers say military's "harassment of communities" in the region is spurring on renewed attacks.


Turkey crackdown: Has Erdogan gone too far?

Turkish deputy PM Mehmet Simsek defends Turkey's post-coup actions, and we debate the future of the South China Sea.

Central African Republic

Fighting in Central African Republic kills 30

UN peacekeepers repelled the attack in Kaga-Bandoro that targeted civilians, killing at least 12 assailants.

Inside Story

What will it take to restore peace in Kashmir?

A prominent Kashmiri politician resigns over unrest in the disputed region.


Philippines and Maoist rebels sign indefinite ceasefire

The Philippines has agreed a peace deal with Maoist rebels to end one of Asia's longest running insurgencies.


Cocoa versus conflict in Colombia

Key to lasting peace in Colombia with FARC rebels may lie in the story of chocolate-producing peasant farmers.


Nigeria: Deadly nomad-versus-farmer conflict escalates

Roaming Fulani cattle herdsman accused of launching deadly raids against farming communities and targeting Christians.

Middle East

Israel kills Palestinian woman in occupied West Bank

Israeli soldiers shoot dead woman who allegedly rammed vehicle into a parked car, injuring two near a Jewish settlement.


Does Bangladesh have an ISIL problem?

Shahriar Alam, the country's state minister for foreign affairs, discusses the recent surge of ISIL-claimed attacks.


UN probing possible 'international crimes' in Yemen

UN human rights chief is looking into the possible commission of crimes by Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen.