Relics of Romania's communist industrial past

Despite collapse of communism, Romanians still live in derelict colonies built to support the now-ruined industries.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Cuban spy: 'I will do it again if I have to'

After spending 16 years in US prisons, Gerardo Hernandez shares his remarkable story behind his liberation.

Business & Economy

Capitalism meets communism head on in Cuba

Normalised Cuba-US relations could result in a hybrid economic model blending socialism and entrepreneurial spirit.


Russia's resurgent love for Josef Stalin

Millions were jailed or executed during the Great Purge, but the dictator is increasingly being remembered fondly.


Ukraine's 'anti-communist laws' stir controversy

A raft of laws passed recently praise far-right groups that fought in WWII and ban the display of Soviet symbols.


Rebirth of a Cold War alliance

Nostalgic Russians see North Korea as a reminder of a socialist paradise lost.

by Andrei Lankov

Poverty & Development

Afro-Cubans still at mercy of white wealth

Fifty years after the revolution, not much has changed for racial group confined to Communist state's lower-rung jobs.


UK communists and the fall of the Berlin Wall

Once a hotbed of left-wing agitation, socialists in Cowdenbeath still mourn the beginning of the end of communism.


Xi's Chinese dream

Where is Xi Jinping taking China?

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Human Rights

Romania tackles communist-era crimes

Former prison boss summoned to face charges for torturing political prisoners in the 1950s.


Returning immigrants propel Albania's economy

More than 200,000 people resettle in Albania and make investments after years of working abroad.

Poverty & Development

A glimpse inside a North Korean school

Al Jazeera visits a North Korean school where children are taught about the ideology of the workers' party.


The battle of ideas on China's peripheries

The events in Hong Kong are not isolated; they are part of a larger movement against Beijing's risin

by Richard Javad Heydarian


Humble umbrella symbolises Hong Kong protests

Used to shield demonstrators from tear gas and pepper spray, accessory has become motif for calls for political reform.

Human Rights

Chinese accused of targeting Christians

Government accused of jailing a Church leader for being Christian but local officials deny targeting the minority.