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Russia seeks to preserve Soviet-era cinema classics

Soviet-era films, domestic and foreign, are all now being preserved as part of the former communist country's heritage.

Arts & Culture

Abbas Kiarostami: Close up, long shot, and cut!

Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami's camera made the foreign familiar by making the familiar foreign.

by Hamid Dabashi

Arts & Culture

The Hollywood bull enters Rumi's china shop

If Hollywood wants to turn to Rumi, may Rumi's blessings be on Hollywood.

by Hamid Dabashi


Hologram for a King might trigger US soul-searching

Is US self-perception as do-gooding global superhero starting to fade?

by Rachel Shabi

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Left-wing UK director Ken Loach wins top Cannes prize

I, Daniel Blake, a story of a man's struggles within Britain's welfare system, wins filmmaker his second Palme D'Or.

Arts & Culture

The Oscars of world cinema

The three factors behind the success of the Cannes Film Festival.

by Marwan Bishara

Arts & Culture

Cannes welcomes Syrian refugee social media star

Mahmoud Bitar, who has hundreds of thousands of fans, participates in festival after a long journey from Aleppo.

Arts & Culture

As always, Cannes films reflect the times we live in

Intimacy meets politics at this year's film festival at Cannes.

by Agnes Poirier


Ban boosts appeal of film about Pakistan corruption

Many look forward to watching Maalik after government cites fear of outbreak of violence as reason for censorship.


The Beirut cinema offering an escape from reality

How a cinema showing alternative films brings Lebanese together across religious and political divides.

Arts & Culture

Superheroes take over Hollywood

An "extended universe" of infinite, connected films has become primary strategy of Hollywood studios.

Middle East

Q&A: 'Middle East's most powerful army chasing 18 cows'

A Palestinian film with a tragically absurd story of how a herd of cows is hunted down by the Israeli army.

Middle East

Jordan shoots for a victory at the Oscars

Theeb, a 'Bedouin Western' that has enjoyed international acclaim, is nominated for best foreign language film of 2015.

Arts & Culture

Q&A: Director of 'Bedouin Western' heads to the Oscars

Al Jazeera meets Naji Abu Nowar, the Jordanian-British director, on his way to Hollywood for the Oscars awards ceremony.

Arts & Culture

US film academy vows to double minority memberships

Organisation responsible for Oscar awards promises change in light of recent boycott protesting lack of diversity.