Human Rights

India's 'dark holes' where millions of girls disappear

A public art project is asking Indians to notice the millions of girls and women trafficked into sex work.

Africa Investigates

Nigeria's Baby Farmers

Investigating Nigeria's notorious baby farms and the criminals who abuse and exploit women for profit.

Asia Pacific

Malaysia subjects refugees to torture

Al Jazeera documents cases of abuse and mistreatment in the wake of series of raids to catch illegal immigrants.

Fault Lines

No Refuge: Children at the border

Fault Lines goes behind the numbers to examine the child migration boom from Central America to the US border.


Niger politician flees baby-trafficking probe

National Assembly president crosses into Burkina Faso after being stripped of immunity over alleged role in network.


Niger minister held over 'baby trafficking'

Abdou Labo along with more than dozen others suspected of acquiring new-born babies from "baby factories" in Nigeria.

Human Rights

Manga and anime: Japan still treating children as sexual objects

Possessing child porn is now illegal in Japan - but depicting children as sexual objects in cartoons

by Sawa Omori

Asia Pacific

Malaysia's stateless children in legal limbo

Children of refugees, adopted children and ethnic Indians often lack citizenship and find it difficult to obtain.

People & Power

Albania's missing children

People & Power investigates the sinister disappearance of 500 Albanian 'street' children from a Greek State orphanage.

People & Power

Cambodia's Orphan Business

People & Power goes undercover to reveal how 'voluntourism' could be fuelling the exploitation of Cambodian children.

People & Power

Orphanage volunteering: The Do's and Don'ts

Some basic guidelines for those interested in volunteering in orphanages in Cambodia.

People & Power

Guidelines for voluntourists

The country director for South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities offers guidance.


Lover Boys

This is the story of Ibrahim, a Dutch-Moroccan man tackling the taboo problem of sex-trafficking within his community.