Who was Bessie Coleman and why does she still matter?

The first African American female to become a pilot, born on this day 125 years ago, remains an inspiration to many.

South Africa

South Africa honours black soldiers killed in WW1

Black South Africans who died and were buried in France in 1916 are honoured and remembered for first time.


Black Lives Matter and the 'Irish slave' myth

Are memes calling the Irish "the first slaves" an attempt to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism?


Race in the US: Herstory

A brief and painful history of state violence against black women and girls.


Know your history: Understanding racism in the US

"And then you might understand how the death of Michael Brown became a tipping point in the US."

Arts & Culture

Peru celebrates black history month

Can symbolic gestures alleviate Peru's deep racial inequalities?

by Hisham Aidi

US & Canada

All history is black history

Why Black History Month? If a people has a past worth learning about, they also must have a future worth caring about.

by Mark LeVine


Black History Month and the uses of the past

In the US, is black history merely a sad prelude to the present, or an ongoing nightmare of discrimination and violence?

by Leigh Raiford
- Michael Cohen

US & Canada

Obama 'is no Martin Luther King'

Black activist says Obama is not following in the civil rights leader's footsteps.