US guards 'taunt hunger-striking asylum seekers'

Staff accused of eating pizzas in front of inmates, amid calls for their release from for-profit detention centres.


Australia accused of denying detainees medical care

Health workers say officials are preventing offshore refugees from getting much needed medical assistance in Australia.


Australian police quell riot at detention camp

Government says it has 'full and effective' control of the prison after Kurdish refugee death sparked violent protests.


Riot at Australian detention camp after refugee's death

Controversial facility on Christmas Island rocked by standoff between detained asylum seekers and immigration officers.

Humanitarian crises

Amnesty: Australian officials paid people smugglers

Rights group calls for probe into reports that officials paid smugglers to turn back boats on two occasions.

Humanitarian crises

Refugees rush into Croatia as border opens

Stranded refugees continue journey towards western Europe as border opening eases human bottleneck in West Balkans.

Humanitarian crises

Turkey rejects EU offer on refugee crisis

Foreign Minister rejects deal as "insignificant" given number of Syrians and other asylum seekers country is hosting.


Afghan refugee shot dead trying to enter Bulgaria

Fatal shooting by Bulgarian border guards marks first time asylum seeker has been killed while entering Europe.

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Finnish PM offers his home to asylum seekers

Al Jazeera talks to Finns on the PM's recent move and what role the Nordic country should play in EU's refugee crisis.

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Hungary: Building fences, deterring migrants?

Budapest announces plans to build a four-metre high barrier along its border with Serbia.


Hungary suspends EU rule on asylum seekers

Hungary will no more accept that migrants’ claim should be processed in the EU country they first arrive in.


The plight of female migrants fleeing Myanmar

Thai authorities have refused to grant refugee status to hundreds of Rohingya who arrived through human traffickers.

Human Rights

Stopping migrant boats Australia style

Australian PM Abbott urges the EU to take a tougher stance on migrants after hundreds drown in the Mediterranean.

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Migrant boat captain charged with multiple manslaughter

Italian prosecutors say captain and first mate of migrant vessel that capsized off Libya coast to face justice in Italy.

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UK activists protest 'shocking' detention centres

Demonstrators demand freedom for detainees amid reports of inhumane conditions inside immigration facilities.