Who made the Arab Spring into an Arab crisis?

The violence sweeping across the Arab world isn't a consequence of the Arab Spring, but of decades of dictatorship.

by Yezid Sayigh

Arab Spring

UN reveals economic cost of Arab Spring uprisings

ESCWA's $614bn figure equal to six percent of GDP of regional economies from 2010 Tunisia protests to end of last year.


Morocco's Benkirane reappointed PM for another term

King's decision comes after Abdelilah Benkirane's PJD wins 125 seats in lower house of parliament in Friday's elections.

Middle East

On the Arab world's republics of fear

Is the Arab world back to square one after all the sacrifices it has made since 2011?

Middle East

'It's as if the Arab Spring never happened'

Majority of people in Middle East and North Africa believe their government is failing to fight corruption, poll finds.

People & Power

Tunisia's Dirty Secret

Five years after the revolution, Tunisia's black minority has yet to experience the freedoms enjoyed by other citizens.


My Arab Spring: Clinging to hope in Morocco

People have the power to bring about change, but first they need a unified message.

Al Jazeera World

After the Arab Spring

Five young Arabs from countries that went through the 2011 revolutions reflect on what has happened five years on.

Middle East

Libya: Gaddafi left behind a long, damaging legacy

Five years after the revolution, the Libyans' uprising has not yet been transformed into a new political order.

Middle East

Egypt's doctors vow to escalate against police abuse

Doctors call for nationwide protest on February 20 to end police brutality against professionals.


Bahrain: Five years after the protests

Activist Maryam al-Khawaja in debate with Mansoor al-Arayedh, the chairman of the Gulf Council for Foreign Relations.


Yemen Revolution: 'Our dream was sold'

Yemen has had many conflicts but has also possessed exceptional survival skills.


Turkey can't avoid new post-Arab Spring mindset

Occupied with old fears, Turkey must not lose sight of the bigger picture of the Arab uprisings.

by Galip Dalay

Human Rights

Q&A: The terrible illusion of the Arab Spring

The revolutionary process is bound to continue for decades to come, says author Gilbert Achcar.

Poverty & Development

Q&A: Tunisia's social time bomb

Unless the political progress in Tunisia is matched by economic advances, social tensions will continue to boil over.