Female farmers suffer most in Southern Africa drought

Uneven access to water makes household farming questionable for delivering food security in the African context.

by William G Moseley
- Rachel Fehr


Bringing back the bison

What happens when the once almost extinct bison is reintroduced into the over-farmed prairie ecosystem?

Inside Story

How can food security in Africa be achieved?

A new major report on agricultural productivity has documented success stories in a number of African countries.

Middle East

First mushroom farm in Palestine ends Israel's monopoly

Amoro, the locally produced mushroom, has already taken roughly half of the market share from Israeli producers.


Independent US study declares GE foods safe

Independent report finds no differences to suggest higher risk to health safety from GE foods than non-GE counterparts.


The Bag on my Back: Return to Zimbabwe

Through the story of one Zimbabwean family we tell the parallel tale of the decline and collapse of their country.

Counting the Cost

Food economics: What if the world went vegan?

Food for thought - we examine food scarcity, food security, food innovation and its economic consequences.


Cuban farmers' struggle to chart path into 21st century

Agricultural sector suffers from low productivity amid strict state controls and lack of access to modern equipment.


India's disappearing nomads

Tibetan pastoralists living on the Changthang Plateau fear their way of life may soon no longer be tenable.

101 East

Infographic: Why are bees facing extinction?

They pollinate one third of the food we eat and are crucial to our ecosystem. We look at the causes of bee losses.


The farmers growing vegetables with LED lights

We visit indoor farms using artificial light to boost produce and an airport using its open space to build bee colonies.


UN: Natural disasters inflict $80bn in farming losses

Report warns that huge production losses are shrinking the available calorie intake for people in developing nations.

Middle East

Olive harvest in Palestine 'was very happy time'

Israeli restrictions and failure to investigate crimes against Palestinians mar the olive-picking season.

101 East

Saving the bee

Beekeepers tell us what needs to be done to protect a global bee population under threat.

101 East

The Buzz Around Niue

Can Niue, one of the world's smallest countries, save a global bee population under threat?