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Ramadan North and South

An intimate look at the month of Ramadan through the eyes of Muslims in opposite ends of the world.

Middle East

Palestine: 'Hundreds detained' since start of Ramadan

Monitoring group says 330 Palestinians, including 60 children, have been detained as raids in West Bank are stepped up.


Ramadan is the strongest antidote for Islamophobia

The Islamic holy month may have Muslim origins, but its message is universal.

by Jamie Merchant


Buddhist monks serve iftar for Muslims in Bangladesh

Monastery has been serving iftar meals to underprivileged Muslims during Ramadan for the past six years.


Turkish police break up rally against Radiohead attack

Tear gas used to disperse protest against attack in which fans of UK band were beaten for drinking beer during Ramadan.

The Gambia

Gambia bans music, drumming and dancing in Ramadan

Gambians ordered to report anyone engaging in activities which have been outlawed during Islamic holy month.


No respite for Yemen from ‘immeasurable’ crisis

Civilians suffer in Ramadan due to rising temperatures, erratic electricity supply and limited access to food and water.

Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2016 special: Make your own fanoos

The traditional lanterns adorn many Muslim homes during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2017

In search of the Ramadan moon

The story of the Saudi man entrusted with observing the new crescent which signals the beginning of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2017

Egypt beats Saudi Arabia and Iran in dates production

Many Muslims break their Ramadan fast with dates. But where do they come from? Mostly from Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan 2017

Muslims mark beginning of Ramadan

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins on Monday for most of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims.

Syrian Refugees

UN app to feed Syrian refugee children in Ramadan 2016

An Arabic version of the ShareTheMeal app aims to feed 1,400 refugee children in Beirut for a full year.


China bans Muslims from fasting Ramadan in Xinjiang

Civil servants, students and teachers prevented from fasting and restaurants ordered to remain open in Xinjiang region.