The midwife who fled Boko Haram

Despite losing some of her own children during an attack, Dada Nguru is keeping other women and their babies alive.


The life and death of a Boko Haram victim

Remembering the 27-year-old victim of a Boko Haram attack - and the many nameless, faceless Nigerians like him.


Inside the Nigerian city targeted by Boko Haram

Residents of the northeastern city Yola recall the most recent bombing and ask if anywhere is safe from Boko Haram.

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Short story: The smell of home

Nigerian novelist Chika Unigwe explores what Nigeria means to her in this short story about home and identity.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram survivors suffer from fear and stigma

Many Nigerians have fled the armed group several times and struggle to deal with the physical and emotional trauma.

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'What puts food on my table is what matters to me'

A day in the life of a Nigerian 'Calabar Kitchen' owner.

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From slave trading post to royal prison

How Calabar's Old Residency building offers a glimpse into Nigeria’s history.

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A day in the life of... a Lagos street sweeper

As she cleans the dust and grime off the city’s roads, 40-year-old Kafayat Badru dreams of a brighter future.

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Funke Opeke: Nigeria's cyber revolutionary

How one woman set about connecting her country.

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Muhtar Bakare: Nigeria's revolutionary capitalist

How a banker-turned-publisher is celebrating African literature.

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I remember the day... an oil spill changed my life

A Nigerian fisherman remembers the day an oil spill destroyed his livelihood, and the day he was compensated for it.

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I remember the day... I confronted Boko Haram

A former captain in the Nigerian army remembers the day he faced Boko Haram - and found that his weapons were defective.

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Sandra Aguebor: Lady Mechanic

Nigeria's first female mechanic views her country through the prism of opportunity and enterprise for women.

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Femi Bamigboye: Local Man

The football coach uses his passion for the beautiful game to give young Nigerians a sense of purpose.

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Deola Sagoe: Top Drawer

An iron will and a good eye have helped designer Deola Sagoe lead the Nigerian fashion industry on to the global stage.