Human Rights

Czech court rejects suit over school veil ban

A Prague court rules in favour of a nursing school that banned a Somali refugee student from wearing a headscarf.


What the hijab means to me

From Nigeria to Uruguay, women share their thoughts and feelings about the hijab.


The Veil

Why do some women decide to wear the veil, while others opt to keep their hair and faces uncovered?

US & Canada

Canada allows female mounted police to wear hijab

The iconic uniform is updated "to better reflect the diversity" in Canada and boost recruitment of Muslim women.


Hello and welcome to the hijabi Olympics

How about focusing on the sport instead of commenting on hijab-wearing athletes?

by Rachel Shabi


French minister shocks with Muslim veil-slavery comment

Outrage as women's rights minister says those wearing Muslim headdress are like "Negroes" who accepted slavery.

Social media

Satire as wearing hijab is labelled 'passive terrorism'

Social media mocks US military research paper suggesting veil is linked to extremism following report.

Human Rights

Hijab-wearing women react to Bosnia court ban

Women employed in judicial institutions can no longer wear the hijab to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Arts & Culture

Inside the booming Muslim fashion industry

Muslim fashion designers reflect on a rapidly growing industry.


UK: Bake-offs, hijabs, and attacks against Muslim women

Headscarves have become more prominent in the UK, and Islamophobic assaults on women wearing them are on the rise.

International Women's Day

Sweden's 'hijabista': Selling Muslim fashion

Swedish fashion designer Iman Aldebe is leading a modest fashion revolution.

Human Rights

US Muslim wins hijab case against Abercrombie & Fitch

Supreme Court rules in favour of Muslim woman who said clothing label denied her a job because of her headscarf.

Al Jazeera World

Cover Story

An insight into the glamorous world of hijabi fashion and how it reflects social change in Turkey.


Canada hijab row is all about the anti-terror act

Western men who never before opined on women's rights suddenly want to liberate them.

by Antonia Zerbisias


Split UK opinion over 'poppy hijabs'

Poppy-themed headscarf offers Muslim women a way to remember those who fought and died for Britain in world wars.