Mexican politician climbs US border fence

A Mexican Congressman Braulio Guerra climbed the fence along the US-Mexico border in Tijuana to show why he thinks President Donald Trump's border wall won't work.


Stories from the border: 'Mexican hands built America'

The first in a series travelling along the US-Mexico border, talking to those who might be affected by Trump's wall.

US & Canada

The other Trump executive order that will hurt refugees

A January 25 executive order on immigration enforcement allows for immediate deportations at the border with Mexico.

by Erika Guevara-Rosas


Voices from the border: Opposing Trump's wall

Americans living close to the Mexico border voice opposition to policies that falsely conflate immigration and security.

United States

Mexican president: We will not pay for a wall

President Pena Nieto condemns US President Donald Trump's order that a wall be built along the US-Mexico border.

United States

Trump signs order for Mexico border wall

Mexican President Pena Nieto condemns the move and says his country won't pay for the border wall.

Human Rights

Born in a cell: The families stranded at the US border

There has been a surge in Latin American families trying to cross the US-Mexico border before Trump's inauguration.

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Mexico: US border tax could trigger 'global recession'

Economy minister says Donald Trump's proposed border tax to pay for a wall is "a problem for the entire world".


John Kelly: A wall alone 'will not do the job'

Ex-marine general says creation of physical obstacles and supporting surveillance technologies key on Mexico border.

United States

Living on the edges: Life in the colonias of Texas

Hundreds of thousands live in communities without basic services and infrastructure on the US-Mexico border.

Walls of Shame: The US-Mexico Border Wall

A look at the physical barriers and policies that separate the US from Mexico.

Latin America

Deadly human trafficking business on Mexico-US border

Sinaloa cartel rivalries present an omnipresent risk of extortion, kidnapping and death for migrants travelling through.

Arts & Culture

Calexico and Mexicali, twin cities separated at birth

US-Mexico border cities coexist in a symbiotic relationship that benefits people on both sides.

US-Mexico border

A night on patrol with Arizona's border militia

On the US-Mexico border, volunteer military, law enforcement and security contractors observe and report activity.

US-Mexico border

Artists in Mexico border town explore China ties

A curious creative partnership is born in Tijuana, one of Mexico's most notorious border towns.