Another grim anniversary for Gaza

Efforts to end the Gaza blockade must go hand in hand with the wider Palestinian right to self-determination.

by Sharif Nashashibi

Humanitarian crises

The orphans of Gaza

The number of children living at the al-Amal Institute for Orphans has nearly doubled since the 2014 war.

War & Conflict

Remembering Shujayea

In one neighbourhood ravaged by the Gaza war, residents struggle to rebuild their shattered lives.

Humanitarian crises

Living among Gaza's dead

Families living in squalor inside Gaza City's el-Sheikh Shaban cemetery are calling for international intervention.

Humanitarian crises

Political bickering stalls Gaza rebuilding

Tens of thousands of homes damaged in the 2014 war remain unfixed, as pledged aid fails to materialise.

Reporter's Notebook

The long walk into Gaza

The Erez crossing conveys a sense of isolation and imprisonment that reflects reality for many Gazans.


Q&A: Confronting trauma in Gaza City

Al Jazeera spoke to psychologist Hasan Zeyada about the rise in mental health issues among Gazans since the summer war.

War & Conflict

A muted Christmas in Gaza

Holiday cheer is tough to come by after this summer's brutal war, which has left Gazans struggling to recover.

War & Conflict

UN body backs call for accountability in Gaza war

Resolution by UN Human Rights Council has no binding effect, but adds pressure for war crimes prosecutions.


Hamas warns of unpaid staff taking to streets

Pressure is mounting in the Gaza Strip for 42,000 employees who have not received salaries from unity government.

Gaza: After the war

Rebuilding Gaza from its ashes

Palestinian inventor hopes to help rebuild Gaza using Green Cake, a new type of brick made of coal and wood ash.


Israel's Gaza report: Another war 'on the horizon'

The report comes as Israeli officials have been warning of the likelihood of another round of hostilities.

Gaza: After the war

Alternative farming on the rise in besieged Gaza

As fertile land shrinks and water crisis deepens, Palestinians are searching for different ways to feed their families.


Tzipi Livni cancels Brussels trip amid threat of arrest

Ex-foreign minister cancels Brussels visit after prosecutors said they would question her over war crimes allegations.

Gaza: After the war

Gaza: Will the next war be the last?

It is clear that Israel is not prepared to tolerate another drawn-out conflict come the next war.