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What would a Le Pen victory mean for France?

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advance to run-off vote in May.

French elections 2017

France: All you need to know about Le Pen and Macron

The far-right female National Front leader will go head-to-head with the 39-year-old favourite to win the presidency.


Macron, Le Pen set to face off in final round

Nail-biting first stage of French presidential vote as Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advance to second round.


Uncertainty reigns as polls set to close in France

Any two of the four leading candidates could reach the second round in a vote that may determine the fate of the EU.

French elections 2017

France set for key presidential vote

Voters head to the polls on Sunday in the first round of a closely contested election that could impact the rest of EU.

French elections 2017

French Election 2017: Who I'll vote for

Al Jazeera asks French citizens on the streets of Paris and its suburbs about their thoughts on the impending election.

French elections 2017

Apathy and fear of Le Pen palpable in Paris suburb

Many in Sevran disillusioned with French political class but prepared to mobilise should Le Pen reach the run-off.


French Muslims despondent after Champs Elysees attack

Worshippers at Paris Grand Mosque lament increasing frequency of ISIL attacks and the consequences for their community.

French elections 2017

Lyon: Satirical puppet Guignol takes on French election

On the eve of Sunday's voting, Lyon's iconic puppet takes a swipe at the politicians vying for the presidency.

French elections 2017

Prosecutors open 'terrorism probe' into Paris attack

French decision follows deadly Champs Elysees attack on police, just three days before first round of presidential vote.


Can the Muslim vote sway the French elections?

In case of a runoff between Marine Le Pen and another candidate, the Muslim electorate will rally behind her opponent.

by Ali Saad


'Poutou speaks like us, and we see ourselves in him'

The outsider presidential candidate wins supporters because of his working-class background and leftist platform.


Why does Le Pen get so much support from young voters?

Experts on French politics say the far-right has successfully attracted young people amid economic decline.


In search of alternative media in France

A growing band of activists wants to take on perceived bias in mainstream media outlets, but can they succeed?


Fillon and Le Pen: A tale of two scandals in France

Both candidates are embroiled in financial scandals, but only Fillon has suffered in the polls because of allegations.