EgyptAir crash

Cockpit voice recorder recovered from EgyptAir plane

Investigators retrieve recorder's memory unit, raising hopes of solving mystery of plane crash that killed 66 people.


EgyptAir plane wreckage found in Mediterranean

"Several main locations" of debris of passenger jet which crashed last month identified by survey vessel, officials say.

EgyptAir crash

French ship picks up EgyptAir black box signals

Naval vessel picks up signals presumably from black box of crashed EgyptAir plane, Egyptian and French officials say.

EgyptAir crash

French vessel joins EgyptAir flight-recorders search

Naval survey vessel equipped with deep-water devices headed for search zone in eastern Mediterranean Sea, officials say.

EgyptAir crash

Conflicting claims cloud EgyptAir crash cause

Official's claim of small size of body parts suggesting explosion on board Flight 804 is denied by head of forensics.

EgyptAir crash

EgyptAir plane 'did not swerve' before crash

Egypt air navigation official says plane did not swerve or lose altitude before it disappeared, as claimed by Greece.

EgyptAir crash

EgyptAir Flight 804: Sisi says 'all scenarios possible'

Egyptian president says investigation could take some time but that cause of crash will eventually be revealed.

EgyptAir crash

France says smoke detected on doomed EgyptAir flight

France confirms reports smoke was detected on the doomed EgyptAir flight, but says cause of crash still unknown.

EgyptAir crash

EgyptAir crash: More wreckage found north of Alexandria

Egyptian armed forces retrieve some of the passengers' belongings, body parts, luggage, and plane seats.

EgyptAir crash

Several nations join search for missing EgyptAir plane

Confusion persists and search intensifies as Egypt says "terror" attack more likely than technical failure.


Is it still safe to fly?

No level of security can guarantee there will not be terrorist incidents in the air.

by Tom Ballantyne