Egypt: Stopping a massacre at a newspaper

During the Egyptian revolution, demonstrators marched on Al-Ahram threatening to burn it down, I knew I had to stop them

Human Rights

An Egyptian childhood: 'One day, I'd like to be free'

Egypt's revolution was led by those for whom freedom was not a given but a dream.


Living dangerously: Egypt's unfinished revolution

"The revolution will begin and I know you won't want to miss it," Mohamed whispered, urging me to go to Tahrir Square.


George Bush and Hosni Mubarak's make-believe reforms

How a push for democracy in Egypt was railroaded by the dictatorship.


A confession on the 4th of July

Egyptian war correspondent Yehia Ghanem reflects on political repression in Egypt.


An election observer who had never voted

'When I was told to oversee the first post-war elections in Bosnia, it made me hunger even more for democracy in Egypt.'


From Mohamed to Mordechai: Waiting for a new generation

The story of two boys - an Egyptian and an Israeli - united in their convictions but separated by circumstances.


Meeting Mohamed: The children's war report reading club

After reading about the war in Bosnia, the children wanted to travel there. They just needed my help, they explained.


To die for no cause in the Hindu Kush Mountains

Ahmad Shah Massoud and the young Arab prisoners of the war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.


'Don't leave me': The Arab children of the Afghan war

'Don't leave me here, take me back home with you,' pleaded the 17-year-old Egyptian prisoner of the Northern Alliance.

War & Conflict

Dancing with Arab mujahedeen in the hills of Bosnia

Over strong Arabic coffee, journalist Yehia Ghanem learned of the motivations of foreign fighters in the Bosnian war.


How the Taliban and the US fell out of love

The relationship between the US and the Taliban from the late 1990s onwards was defined by one thing: ignorance.


Under Taliban skin

How the US became the enemy of the mujahideen and how, in the process, both walked into cages constructed of ignorance.


Afghanistan: A crossroads for US-Arab relations

When the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan ended, Arab fighters began to wonder for whose cause they had fought.


Chasing a childhood friend, a fighter in Afghanistan

The story of a young boy who grew up, was tortured and went to Afghanistan to fight.