The rescued film project

Levi Bettweiser has spent years restoring old rolls of film. Many of the photographs he develops reveal unseen moments from history

Human Rights

'Not every beardy man is a terrorist'

Rafiullah Hanif faces the prospect of forced repatriation along with nearly 3 million other Afghan refugees to a homeland still in conflict.


The policewomen of Peshawar

A growing number of female officers are breaking stereotypes and catching criminals in Pakistan's northwest.


The kushti fighters of Dubai

Mohamed Shahed travelled from Pakistan to Dubai to support his family, hoping the ancient sport would be his ticket to fame.


India's Menstruation Man

Arunachalam Muruganantham was obsessed with making the perfect sanitary pad for his wife. After years of work, his invention has changed the lives of millions of women in India.


The Syrian doctors treating refugees in Turkey

Tucked away in a quiet side-street of Istanbul’s historic Fatih district, the Nour clinic for Syrian refugees is easy to miss.


My disability won't stop me from being a mom

Valeria Rodriguez Fontenla, a single mother in Argentina with a debilitating disease, overcomes incredible odds for her daughter.


Saving a dying Siberian language

The Buryat language traces its origins to Mongolia, but many fear it is dying out.


The Syrian refugee giving back to Germany

Alex Assali fled the Assad regime in Syria and ISIL in Libya. Now he runs a charity kitchen in Berlin.


One woman's strength is helping refugees in Macedonia

The smiling face that greets refugees when they get to the Greece-Macedonia border is that of Gabriela Andreevska.


A priest's extraordinary journey through Nepal

Man's spiritual trip through Kathmandu has become emblematic of country's recovery after the April 25 earthquake.


Syrian seamstresses send help home

A group of Syrian women in Turkey have set up their own factory to produce clothes for families over the border in Syria.


My life after 44 years in prison

An American man's story of reintegration with the modern world.

Arts & Culture

Parkour brings Iraqi youths together

In the multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk, a parkour club is bringing Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen together.

War & Conflict

Inside the world's largest weapons show

Every two years the UK hosts the world's largest arms fair - the four-day Defence and Security Equipment International.