United States

US detention centre ordered to 'redo' asylum parole

A New York immigrant jail is ordered to redo parole procedures for asylum seekers who face 'irreparable harm'.

ICE ordered to 'redo' asylum parole in detention centre

US & Canada

Nebraska approves Keystone pipeline route despite recent spill

US regulators have approved the TransCanada company's plan to route the Keystone XL pipeline through the state of Nebraska.

US & Canada

Haitians react to Trump’s decision to end 'protected' status

Tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants are facing deportation from the United States. Most were allowed in after the 2010 earthquake, which destroyed much of Haiti.


Storms lash Vancouver

Heavy downpours typical of La Nina bring flooding and ferry cancellations.

Storms lash Vancouver

US & Canada

Trump names North Korea 'a state sponsor of terror'

President Trump has returned North Korea to the list of state sponsors of terrorism and promised that the US treasury department would be announcing new sanctions. However, not everyone in his administration agrees.


US state approves contentious Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska landowners and environmental groups say proposed Keystone XL pipeline route threatens local water supplies.

Nebraska approves contentious Keystone XL pipeline

US & Canada

Serial killer Charles Manson dies aged 83

The notorious American serial killer Charles Manson has died. The cult leader from the 1960s passed away of natural causes in hospital at the age of 83.

Far Right

'Don't feel safe': US students to counter neo-Nazis

Students will counterprotest a rally by neo-Nazis at the University of North Florida on Monday.

Florida university students to counter neo-Nazi rally

US & Canada

US: Boys Town marks 100 years of ‘saving children’

America's most famous children's home, Boys Town, in the midwestern state of Nebraska, is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary next month.


Trump's foreign policy: Follow the money

Making money has been the guiding principle of Trump's foreign policy decisions.

Malak Chabkoun

by Malak Chabkoun

Malak Chabkoun

Middle East

Palestinians vow to suspend US ties if PLO office shut

As US refuses to renew PLO office permit in Washington, officials say they will end contact with Trump administration.


Does the new Bible Museum have an evangelical agenda?

The near-absence of other religions, like Mormonism and Islam, has aroused debates about the museum's purpose.

Does the new Bible Museum have an evangelical agenda?

US & Canada

Russia vetoes UN inquiry on Syria's chemical attacks

A UN inquiry team investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria will be disbanded, after Russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mandate.

US & Canada

US Senator Al Franken accused of sexual harassment

After Senator Al Franken became the latest of a series of high-profile Americans to face allegations of sexual misconduct, President Donald Trump lashed out at Franken's actions.

US & Canada

Museum of the Bible opens in Washington DC

A new religious museum opens in Washington DC on Saturday.