Trump team denies National Guard mobilisation plan

White House dismisses AP report of draft memo calling for many troops to help crack down on undocumented immigrants.

US & Canada

US immigrants stay at home to demonstrate their value

Thousands participated in the protests across United States.

US & Canada

Interactive - The People vs. America

As Donald Trump takes office, we trace the historical trajectory that has exposed the myth of the American Dream.

Human Rights

Mexican with protected status sues US over arrest

Mexican immigrant, protected from deportation under programme established in 2012, sues government after being arrested.


Winter storm lashes Texas, rips off roofs and windows

Severe weather hits the Deep South bringing rain, snow and tornadoes to the state of Texas.

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Evacuation lifted for Californians living below dam

Residents allowed to return home but must remain vigilant and flee to high grounds if repairs do not hold, sheriff says.

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What does Michael Flynn's resignation mean for Trump?

Retired general quits in less than a month in office, breaking record for shortest tenure as national security adviser.


No quick return home for 200,000 fleeing California dam

Families camp out in cars and tents as engineers rush to fix the tallest dam in the US before more rain arrives.

United States

Trump's security adviser quits over Russia scandal

Michael Flynn resigns after misleading officials about communications with Russia before new administration took office.

United States

US hip-hop stars: Resist 'President Agent Orange'

A Tribe Called Quest joined by Busta Rhymes and Anderson .Paak in politically charged performance at the Grammy Awards.

Latin America

Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across Mexico

Marches get under way in some 20 cities across country to protest US President Trump's anti-Mexican rhetoric.


Yale drops white supremacist's name from college

Activists underwhelmed by US university's move, say change of name from a 'bad person to a good person' is not enough.

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What is the future of US-UN relations?

Is Washington's 'disappointment' with UN's nominee for Libya envoy a sign of a growing rift between the two sides?


Surviving Death Row

A group of exonerated death row survivors called the 'Resurrection Club' fights to abolish the death penalty in the US.


US socialist: Anti-Trump protests a 'historic' chance

American leftists see huge gains as anger grows against Donald Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies.