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Coalition to counter ISIL to convene in US

The global coalition to counter ISIL is meeting in Washington DC on Wednesday. Representatives from 68 countries are gathering nearly three years into the fight against the armed group.

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Trump's Supreme Court pick says he is no 'rubber stamp'

Neil Gorsuch responds to Democratic senators questioning whether he would be willing to hold the president accountable.

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Chicago sexual assault streamed live on Facebook

Forty people watch live feed showing sexual assault of 15-year-old girl in US without alerting police.

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Anger as guards cleared of US prisoner death in shower

Activists decry Florida state attorney ruling that 2012 death of schizophrenic inmate in scalding shower was accidental.


Trump warns Republican lawmakers over healthcare bill

US president says lawmakers could face 'political problems' if they fail to pass bill repealing Obamacare.

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Bumblebees added to US endangered species list

Bumblebees, common to the central and eastern United States, are now formally listed as an endangered species. It's a first for the US, where it's estimated the honey bee population has halved since the 1950s.

Inside Story

How far can FBI probe of Russia's role in US vote go?

FBI chief James Comey says his agency is investigating claims that Donald Trump worked with Russia to get elected.

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US to ban electronic devices on Middle East flights

Devices larger than mobile phones to be banned from carry-on luggage on flights from eight Muslim-majority countries.

Republican Party

The deep roots of profound weirdness

Anything that's done in the name of 'liberty' and 'freedom' is just a mythic reflection of the privilege of the few.

by Larry Beinhart


Iran and ISIL 'top priority' for Iraq-US relations

Iran's role as a regional player will be among the key issues as Abadi meets Trump and other US officials in Washington.

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US releases unseen footage of nuclear tests

The US has begun to declassify and release thousands of films of above-ground nuclear tests unseen for decades. Scientists say the newly released films offer a more accurate measurement of the power of nuclear blasts.

Privacy & Surveillance

The futility of secrets in the age of technology

The latest CIA leak proves that state actors no longer get to decide who can be privy to information stamped 'secret'.

by Andrew Mitrovica

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FBI probing claims of Russian meddling in US election

FBI director says bureau is investigating possible ties between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia.

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Trump's daughter Ivanka given White House office

US president's daughter to have access to classified information, despite not being a government employee, lawyer says.


US senators begin hearing of Trump's Supreme Court pick

Conservative judge faces days of questioning over abortion rights, judicial independence and support for corporations.