Donald Trump

The seven biggest threats to Donald Trump's presidency

The mass of protesters converging for Trump's inauguration are not his only headache.

Human Rights

US top court hears case of Muslims detained after 9/11

Supreme Court weighs case by Muslims to decide whether men alleging religious discrimination had right to sue officials.

US & Canada

Republicans: Reducing Manning's sentence is outrageous

Republicans say Obama's decision to shorten Chelsea Manning's sentence is a mistake that sets a dangerous precedent.


Orlando shooter's wife charged with complicity

Noor Salman accused of misleading police and aiding Omar Mateen in run-up to last year's massacre at Pulse nightclub.

US & Canada

The Muslim as a 'Manchurian candidate'

The imperial-age idea of the 'conspiratorial Muslim' has re-emerged with new force and scope.

by Kevin Schwartz

Native Americans

How racism colours the standoff at Standing Rock

As Standing Rock protests come to an end, Native Americans still face discrimination and racism across the Dakotas.


Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Palestine

'The US must start treating Palestinians as equals to Israelis.'


Europe 'astonished' by Trump's NATO comments

France's President Francois Hollande says the European Union does not need advice from outsiders.

Inside Story

What's behind the growing economic gap?

Oxfam report says eight of the world's richest men have as much wealth as 50 percent of global poor.


Trump's comments cause concern in Europe

Hollande says "no need for outside advice" but Merkel vows to work with US president-elect after contentious interview.

Donald Trump

Trump 'will end Russia sanctions for nuclear deal'

Incoming US president says weapons should be reduced, weeks after joining Putin in call for nuclear expansion.

Poverty & Development

Oxfam: Eight men are as rich as half the world

"Obscene" for so much wealth to be in hands of so few, says charity director Winnie Byanyima.


Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Russia

'There's no difference between the average American and Russian; reasonable people are the same everywhere.'

US & Canada

Immigration should not divide black and Latinx people

Undocumented immigration is not a Latinx-only phenomenon and should not be a Latinx-only concern.

by Jason Nichols


The Steele affair and the British deep state

Concerned about Trump, the UK intelligence community has scrambled to defend Chris Steele and his questionable report.

by Alastair Sloan