Trial to begin of US man who killed black churchgoers

Prosecutors seek the death penalty against Dylann Roof, who killed nine black people at a South Carolina church in 2015.

Business & Economy

Trump wants to cancel Boeing's Air Force One contract

"Costs are out of control," says US president-elect who wants to cancel "ridiculous" order on new planes.


Sioux leader urges Dakota pipeline protesters to leave

Some protesters are skeptical of government's decision to refuse permission for controversial oil pipeline project.

Cyber Security

The Kremlin and the US election

Ambiguity surrounds the Russian intervention with the 2016 US elections and the measures taken to prevent it.

by Joseph S Nye


Trump era has Beijing on edge

Donald Trump's exchange with Taiwan's leader broke with nearly four decades of the 'one China' policy.

by J Berkshire Miller

Human Rights

FGM survivors find reversal surgery in California

One woman's story of falling victim to FGM and the reconstructive surgery that made her feel whole again.

Donald Trump

Who's who in Donald Trump's administration

A look at the people Donald Trump has appointed so far.

US & Canada

Standing Rock: Thousands rejoice as army denies pipeline permit

Celebrations marking the ruling continue as many worry government will overrule the army's decision.

Inside Story

Who's benefiting from the war industry?

The United States remains the world's dominant weapons dealer despite a fall in sales.


Protesters celebrate as army halts Dakota pipeline work

Native Americans and activists celebrate the decision to halt plans to construct an oil pipeline through tribal lands.

US & Canada

US army halts North Dakota pipeline project

Victory for Native Americans and climate activists who had been protesting against the $3.8bn project.

US Elections 2016

Fake news stories led man to shoot inside DC pizza shop

Man fires shots inside popular DC restaurant after arriving to self-investigate the "pizzagate" conspiracy theory.


Trump's growing list of secretary of state 'finalists'

Supporters call on Trump to not pick Romney as list of possible picks for the important post gets longer.


Death toll in California warehouse fire rises to 30

Oakland warehouse gutted by blaze during rave party, as rescue officials say search on to retrieve those still missing.

United States

Who's conning whom in Donald Trump's America

Voting for Trump was not voting for a con man; rather, it was a strategic action to maintain a fragile privilege.

by Mark LeVine