United States

Democrats invite immigrants to Trump's Congress speech

For the US president's first Congress address, rivals have invited people they say could be harmed by his policies

Inside Story

A new nuclear arms race?

President Donald Trump says he wants the US to expand its nuclear arsenal.

Humanitarian crises

Week in Pictures: From Dakota pipeline to Somalia blast

From scenes of protests in the United States to images of Iraqis fleeing their homes, here is the week in pictures.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's presidential diplomacy deal?

Trump is treating the US as a business venture and replacing the 'art of diplomacy' with the 'art of the deal'.

by Sean W Burges


'Friendly' Jewish reporter speaks of clash with Trump

Jake Turx drew the president's anger after he tried to ask a question about anti-Semitic attacks in the US.


Mexico voices 'irritation' as top Trump envoys visit

In Mexico City visit, senior White House seek to cool tempers after weeks of tension between the two neighbours.

Gun violence

Protests after US police officer drags teen, fires gun

LAPD says it is reviewing videos after off-duty officer fires gun during confrontation with unarmed youths in Anaheim.

United States

White House rolls back federal transgender protections

Donald Trump withdraws Obama-era guidance allowing transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

Human Rights

Mexican man kills himself after third US deportation

Sinaloa state native Guadalupe Olivas Valencia threw himself to his death by jumping off a bridge, authorities say.

Science & Technology

Seven new Earth-like planets 'best bet' for life

NASA official says discovery gives hint that finding a second Earth is 'just a matter' of time.

US & Canada

Flooding forces hundreds of Californians from homes

Mandatory evacuation under way after authorities declare emergency as Coyote Creek overflows its banks.


Milo and the hypocrisy behind free speech claims

His case showed us that the erroneous invocation of 'free speech' is effectively providing cover for hate spewers.

by Rachel Shabi


Muslims raise $55,000 to fix vandalised Jewish cemetery

Muslim activists launch crowdfunding bid to repair Missouri's Chesed Shel Emeth graves after anti-Semitic desecration.

US & Canada

US ramps up crackdown on undocumented immigrants

Department of Homeland Security issues sweeping new rules for automatically expelling undocumented immigrants.

Human Rights

A true general strike is possible in Trump's America

This is the moment to take action for establishing meaningful connections among communities and issues.

by Lena Afridi