Middle East

UK report: Gulenists took part in failed Turkey coup

British report indicates evidence that supporters of Fethullah Gulen participated in failed coup attempt last July.

Middle East

Mubarak walks free after six-year detention in Egypt

Ex-president, recently acquitted for role in protester deaths during 2011 uprising, returns to his Cairo home.

Middle East

'No miracles' in Geneva talks as Syria fighting rages

A fifth round of UN-backed Syria talks is under way in Geneva amid low expectations as violence on the ground escalates.

Middle East

Iraq: Sadr threatens elections boycott at Baghdad rally

Powerful Shia leader demands changes to electoral law at Baghdad demonstration attended by thousands of supporters.

Middle East

Mauritania leader calls for referendum to change constitution

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, the president of Mauritania, is calling for a referendum over proposed constitutional amendments. If voted in, the controversial changes will abolish the Senate and change the country's flag.

Syria's Civil War

US expects allies to pick up the pieces after ISIL

The US wants to focus on the 'elimination' of ISIL by military force while leaving reconstruction efforts to its allies.

by Joe Macaron

Middle East

Explosion in Cairo suburb kills one, wounds three

Officials say one person killed and three members of his family wounded when a device exploded in a Cairo garden.

Middle East

Syrian rebels advance in Hama province

Syrian opposition fighters are advancing in Hama province, as part of their biggest offensive in months. Monitors say the rebels have seized ammunition depots and 11 villages The Syrian government has brought in reinforcements for a counterattack.

Humanitarian crises

Week in pictures: From Rohingya exodus to Peru floods

From floods in Peru and fighting in Mosul to Nowruz celebrations, here is the week in photos.


Why Turkey might buy Russia's S-400 defence system

A potential defence deal between Turkey and Russia could enhance their military cooperation but would not mend ties.

by Can Kasapoglu

Middle East

Syrian refugee children win robot-making competition in Lebanon

Of the 10 teams that won a national robot-making contest, three comprise Syrian children who have fled war and devastation. The prize is a trip to the US to enter into an international competition.

Middle East

Geneva talks resume as Syria fighting rages

Hopes for breakthrough or concessions from either side remain low, amid ongoing violence in Damascus and Hama.

Middle East

Battle for Mosul: Sharp rise in civilian deaths

Monitors and officials say there's been a marked increase in civilian deaths as Iraqi forces push into Mosul's Old City.

Middle East

US general: Russia may be supplying Taliban fighters

Russia is 'perhaps' aiding the Taliban in fighting against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, US general alleges.

Middle East

Israeli policeman caught on video beating Palestinian truck driver

An Israeli policeman who attacked a Palestinian truck driver has been suspended and is facing a criminal investigation. The incident was caught on video, and has caused widespread outrage. Al Jazeera's Paul Chaderjian reports.