Why is coca production on the rise in Colombia?

After countless reforms and billions of investment eradicating coca cultivation is still a great challenge for Colombia.

by Ross Eventon


Venezuela's crisis explained from the beginning

A look at the country's ongoing protests against the government of President Maduro and the current political situation.

Latin America

Venezuela to leave Organization of American States

Foreign minister says government will leave regional bloc in response to its handling of Venezuela's political crisis.

Latin America

Calls for calm in Venezuela over rising unrest

Venezuela's chief prosecutor is urging restraint from both the government and opposition after the deaths of two more people during protests.

Latin America

Paraguay 'millions' stolen in 'robbery of the century'

Brazilian gang blamed for heist in which a police officer was killed in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay's second city.

Latin America

Argentina's indigenous march for lost land

Most of Argentina's indigenous community was wiped out by war and disease by the end of the 19th century. Those who survived say they have been pushed to marginal land in forgotten corners of the country.

Latin America

Death toll rises in worsening Venezuela unrest

Three people killed as protesters take to the streets around the country, with opposition demanding early elections.

Latin America

Earthquake strikes off coast of Chile

Magnitude 7.1 temblor off Valparaiso did not cause any serious damage.

Latin America

Venezuela braced for new protest in wave of unrest

A test of government tolerance after days of running street battles with rubber bullets and Molotov cocktails.

Latin America

Venezuelans turn to Colombia for basic supplies

Anti-government protesters in Venezuela are planning a day of action on Monday after 20 people were killed in violence last week.


The art of surviving a Venezuela on the brink

As repression of anti-government protests continue, the human rights situation in Venezuela has deteriorated.

by Marcos Gomez


Why is Venezuela in crisis again?

As the opposition and the government clash in the streets of Caracas, Venezuelans have reverted to survival mode.

by Javier Farje

Latin America

Dutch 'abortion boat' arrives off the coast of Mexico

Women on Waves says it is offering free, legal, medical abortions till nine weeks of pregnancy in international waters.

Latin America

12 killed in Venezuela as protests continue

Deaths occurred overnight throughout the capital Caracas during running street battles with security forces and looting.

Latin America

Argentina plans to rebuild its biggest slum

The biggest slum in Buenos Aires has been a thorn in the side of the city’s government for years. But now there's a plan to redevelop the township. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires.