Latin America

Mexico: Two entrepreneurs find a way to fight pollution

It's the fifth-largest city in the world, and the sheer volume of people living in Mexico City means it's no stranger to high levels of air pollution. Now, two entrepreneurs are hoping to change that by converting a petrol-powered car to electric.

Latin America

Venezuela seeks UN help in boosting medicine supplies

President Maduro asks for support to 'treat economic and social injuries' as country suffers severe medicine shortages.

Humanitarian crises

Week in pictures: From Rohingya exodus to Peru floods

From floods in Peru and fighting in Mosul to Nowruz celebrations, here is the week in photos.

Latin America

Peru's flood victims seek aid

Peru's government is airlifting food, water and clothes to flood victims around the country. Months of rain have killed dozens of people and forced more than half a million more from their homes.

Latin America

Venezuelans protest about medicine shortages

Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest against medicine shortages. A fourth year of economic recession has led to a short supply of both drugs and food in the country.

Latin America

Brazil meat exports plunge after corruption scandal

Brazilian meat exports have dropped from more than $60m a day to a mere $74,000. This follows a corruption scandal that has undermined trust in food controls and prompted other countries to pull Brazilian beef and chicken from supermarket shelves.


On board the Rainbow Warrior

Lucia Newman is on board Greenpeace's ship to observe their latest campaign, 'Save the Seas At the End of the World'.


Chile salmon: Too delicious to be true?

The Chilean salmon industry has become synonymous with massive use of toxic chemicals used in overcrowded fish farms that destroy the ocean's eco-system.

Latin America

Save the seas: Greenpeace campaigns to protect Chilean marine life

Greenpeace has staged a flash demonstration on the southernmost tip of South America. It's part of a new campaign to protect the seas off Chile. Salmon farming and mining are damaging the delicate environment.

Latin America

Solid rain: A possible Mexican solution for drought

Agriculture uses a huge amount of the world’s freshwater supply, but a Mexican company may have found a way to ease the pressure.

Latin America

Peru flood crisis renders tens of thousands homeless

At least 100,000 people have been rendered homeless by the heavy flooding in Peru, in the country's worst rainy season since 1925. Many Peruvians are now helping out at rescue centres around the capital.

Latin America

China, EU suspend Brazil imports after meat scandal

The fallout from a tainted meat scandal in Brazil is deepening. Despite assurances from President Michel Temer, some of the largest importers, including China, Chile and the EU have decided to halt purchases of beef and poultry from the country.

Latin America

Brazil's rotten meat scandal prompts major import bans

Crisis deepens in world's biggest beef and poultry-exporting nation as China and EU react to health certificate scandal.

Latin America

Honduras gang violence uproots thousands

Gang violence is an enduring problem in Honduras, one of the most violent countries in the world. The lack of government, security and law allows gangs to run entire districts.

Business & Economy

Into the green land: Emerald mining in Colombia

Emerald seekers scour Colombia's Muzo Valley, searching for the gem that could lift them out of poverty.

Mental health

What do you do when the anti-psychotic drugs run out?

The country's economic strife has left the healthcare system struggling to cope with a growing mental health crisis.