Latin America

Colombia massacre: Vice president visits victim's village

Colombia's vice president tried to ease tension by visiting the village where six protesting farmers were killed by police last week.

Latin America

Venezuelan opposition raises concern of vote rigging

Venezuelans will vote in regional elections on Sunday.


Canada and Mexico to work on a trade deal

The leaders of Canada and Mexico have vowed to work on a trade deal that benefits both countries as well as the US. They met in Mexico City.

Human Rights

Colombia sacks police officers who shot protesters

4 police officers in Colombia have been sacked in connection with the killing of at least six protesting farm workers.


Gang violence in Mexico prison leaves at least 13 dead

Two days of fighting between rival gangs in a prison in northern Mexico have left at least 13 inmates dead.

World Cup

Argentina risks World Cup disqualification after poor performance

The prospect of a World Cup without the Argentine football star Lionel Messi and his country's national football team could become a reality later as South America’s 2018 qualification battle reaches an end.


Che Guevara remembered 50 years after his execution

Artists, activists and Guevara's descendants gather to commemorate the death of the revolutionary.

Che Guevara remembered 50 years after his execution

Latin America

Bolivia honours Che: 'People die, their ideas never do'

Thousands gather in the town of Vallegrande to commemorate the revolutionary's life, death and legacy.

Bolivians honour Che Guevara 50 years after execution

Inside Story

Can fake news on social media be stopped?

Facebook says it has developed a tool to give users more context on what they read.


Colombian authorities to close unique animal refuge

Villa Lorena in Colombia's third city of Cali is a unique animal refuge. For two decades, abused animals seized from drug lords or the circus have been sheltered there. But now environmental authorities say the refuge must close.


Che Guevara's iconic portrait artist discusses fighter's legacy

Jim Fitzpatrick, the artist who painted the famous portrait of Che Guevera, talks to Al Jazeera about the revolutionary fighter's legacy.

Risking it all

A treacherous journey through Bolivia's Amazon

Bolivians risk snake and insect bites harvesting Brazil nuts, as lorry drivers face landslides to deliver the nuts.


Che: An assassin or a revolutionary?

Fifty years after Che Guevara's assassination, attempts to commercialise and distort his image continue.

Belen Fernandez

by Belen Fernandez

Belen Fernandez

Latin America

The legacy of Cuba’s revolutionary hero Che Guevaro

Che Guevara is the Argentine-born doctor who became an iconic figure after playing a key role in Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba, where his image adorns t-shirts and mugs, as well as buildings.