Cold weather kills 180,000 alpacas in Peru

Unseasonably low temperatures and drought responsible for the animals’ deaths.

Latin America

US policy change leaves Cuban migrants stranded

"Wet foot, dry foot" policy that created a path to legal residency for thousands of Cubans was abruptly ended.

Latin America

Brazil: Residents live in fear after prison breaks

About 100 inmates remain on the run after violent jail breaks triggered by gang rivalry in northern Brazil.

Human Rights

Cuban human rights and the hypocrisy of the media

'The spectrum of human rights is wide. But what [the media] do is focus ... on the bad parts and ignore the good stuff.'

Latin America

A rare murder-free day recorded in El Salvador

One of the world’s deadliest countries recorded its first day without a single killing since January 2015.

US & Canada

Obama ends special immigration policy for Cubans

President ends decades-old policy that allowed Cuban migrants who reached US soil illegally to stay.


Fighting for the murdered women of Buenos Aires

A woman is murdered every 30 hours in Argentina, a disproportionate number of them in informal slum settlements.

Latin America

Nicaragua: Ortega sworn in as president with wife as VP

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo become the first married couple to hold office in Nicaragua's history.

Inside Story

Will fuel price increase help Mexico's economy?

President insists that the 20 percent increase is to the benefit of the country as it will stabilise the economy.

Latin America

Gasolinazo protests: The symptom of a bigger crisis

Mexico is seeing yet another wave of protests and violence and gas shortages are not the real problem.

by Edgardo Buscaglia


New Brazil prison clash kills four in Amazon region

Behind the prison bloodshed is an escalating feud between Brazil's biggest drug gangs with about 100 killed in a week.

Latin America

Bolivia weather takes centre stage in Dakar Rally

Rain storms turn sections of sixth stage route from Oruro to La Paz into a quagmire, forcing the race to be cancelled.

Latin America

More UN observers 'dismissed' for Colombia rebels party

Three monitors and supervisor 'separated' from their mission for taking part in New Year's Eve party with FARC rebels.

United States

Manhunt on after US consular official shot in Mexico

American official treated at a hospital after shooting in Guadalajara, prompting FBI to offer $20,000 reward.

Latin America

Week in Pictures: From Baghdad blasts to Turkey attack

From the prison break in Brazil to blasts in Baghdad and an attack on a Turkish nightclub, here is the week in pictures.