Peru Dakar rally: Palaeontologists worry about geoglyphs

In Peru, palaeontologists and archaeologists have warned that the Dakar rally poses a serious risk to parts of the country's unique geological fabric, one of the world's largest geoglyphs.

Latin America

Argentina unions’ leaders arrested in Uruguay

The standing of Argentina's labour unions has been damaged after several union leaders were arrested for corruption.


Chile's Catholic churches attacked ahead of papal visit

Several Catholic churches have been vandalised in Chile in advance of Pope Francis' visit to the country next week.

Chile's Catholic churches attacked ahead of papal visit


Ecuador grants Julian Assange citizenship

Ecuador gives Wikileaks founder citizenship in a bid to usher him out of its London embassy without risking arrest.

Julian Assange granted citizenship by Ecuador

Latin America

Thousands forced into tents outside Brazil's Sao Paulo

In Brazil, the shortage of affordable housing has forced many residents to set up temporary tents outside the country's largest city, Sao Paulo.


Colombia withdraws negotiators after ELN attacks

Peace talks with the armed group in trouble as government orders back negotiators following a series of attacks.

People & Power

Defiance of the Mapuche

Why the Mapuche of Argentina and Chile have been pushed to the brink of insurrection in defence of their ancient lands.


Honduras: 7.6 earthquake triggers Tsunami alert

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck near the coast of Honduras, briefly prompting a tsunami warning.

Honduras: 7.6 earthquake triggers Tsunami alert


Mexico City to reform traffic laws over accidents

On the roads of Mexico City, where you do not have to take a test to get a driving licence, three people are killed every day, on average, and thousands of traffic accidents reported.


Argentina: Dancers gather for 2018 Malambo Festival

Argentina’s top male dancers are gathering for the most important dance competition in the country.


Four reasons why corruption matters

Over $1 trillion is stolen from the world's poorest countries every year, threatening security, health and democracy.

Oliver Bullough

by Oliver Bullough

Oliver Bullough

United States

Salvadorans 'devastated' as 200,000 told must leave US

Trump administration says recipients of Temporary Protected Status have 18 months to leave or find a legal way to stay.


Chile to remember indigenous victims of dictatorship

Many activists vanished during the 1970s and their remains were never found.


Dakar rally: 40th edition begins in Lima

It's the 40th edition of the world's biggest annual off-road rally race, featuring hundreds of competing cars, trucks, bikes and quads.


Mexico violence: several public officials murdered

The threat of political violence is casting a shadow over the lead-up to Mexico's 2018 presidential election, following the murders of six more public officials. Mexico is coming off its most violent year in history.