Who are the Kosovar fighters in Syria?

Family members tell the stories of brothers and uncles killed fighting for ISIL and other armed groups in Syria.


Kosovo protesters clash with police over Serbia deal

Several thousand ethnic Albanians protest against EU-brokered deal that will give ethnic Serbs greater local powers.


Life near coal mines: Kosovo's dying villages

In Kosovo’s coal country, residents living in the polluting shadows of two power plants may soon contend with a third.


Voices from Kosovo: We want 'discussion, not violence'

Kosovars in Pristina react to legislators using tear gas to voice discontent over a EU-brokered government agreement.


Kosovars use bricks, tear gas protesting EU agreement

The government's association of Serb municipalities agreement with EU has met with widespread discontent in Kosovo.

Women Make Change

On the road with Kosovo's first female president

An intimate portrait of Atifete Jahjaga, the 40-year-old president determined to help survivors of wartime rape.


Kosovo opposition MP released after violent protests

Albin Kurti, who set off tear gas in parliament last week, was let go after hundreds of protesters clashed with police.


Protesting MPs release tear gas in Kosovo parliament

At least two MP's faint after opposition legislators release clouds of tear gas in protest at deal reached with Serbia.


A refugee tale: Memoirs of a European refugee

Eki Rrahmani fled Kosovo in an oil tanker, but what will become of this century's refugees, he asks.


Kosovo inching closer to its World Cup dream

Football team to be granted permission for European competitions this week; FIFA decision to follow next year.


Kosovo makes its world swimming titles debut

Seven years after declaring independence from Serbia, Kosovo is competing in its first world swimming titles in Russia.


Kosovo cuts water supplies after ISIL 'poison' plot

Arrest of five men prompts halt on water supplies, but tests find no evidence of toxic contamination.

Human Rights

If dresses could speak

How Kosovo is giving a public airing to the reality of wartime rape.

Al Jazeera World

Women of Krusha

The story of how the women of a Kosovan village rebuilt their lives after many of their men were killed in 1999.

Al Jazeera World

The Golden Boys

How Bosnia and Herzegovina's sitting volleyball team overcame war injuries to win gold at the 2012 London Paralympics.