UN blasts Bangladesh over extrajudicial killings

Dhaka criticised for 'high rate' of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and excessive force in new report.


Sri Lanka's leader backs arrests of 'official' killers

President authorises prosecution of security officers involved in an alleged death squad carrying out civilian killings.


India crackdown on slaughterhouses stirs Muslim unease

More states follow Uttar Pradesh's lead in closing down unlicensed abattoirs as critics say move is based on religion.


Sickle cell: A silent killer in Chhattisgarh state

The hereditary disease kills at least 10,000 children a year in this Indian state.


Kashmir: 3 killed in violent protests after firefight

Deadly standoff between rebels and police sparks protests in Chadoora town, leaving three people dead and 28 injured.

Inside Story

What's the BJP's agenda in Uttar Pradesh?

India's ruling party is cracking down on butchers and abattoirs in the country's most populous state.


New Polio vaccination campaign gets under way in Afghanistan

Medics trying to stop the spread of Polio in Afghanistan have started their latest vaccination campaign. They hope to vaccinate millions of children in the next few days.


Five men arrested in India over attacks on Africans

Africans were attacked with sticks and metal chairs in Greater Noida after teen's drug death was blamed on Nigerian man.


Crowds attack Africans in India after teen's death

Hundreds go on a violent rampage wounding eight in Greater Noida after teen's drug death blamed on Nigerian man.


Meat crackdown leaves shortage in India's biggest state

Meat sellers across Uttar Pradesh strike against an ongoing crackdown on illegal and mechanised slaughterhouses.


Pakistani pupils return to school in Swat amid atmosphere of fear

A Human Rights Watch report has found that attacks by the Taliban and other armed groups are having a devastating impact on education in Pakistan.


Pakistan starts building fence along Afghanistan border

Fencing starts along Pakistan's disputed border with Afghanistan in bid to stop fighters' movement.


Bangladesh honours 1971 war victims

The Bangladeshi government has observed its first Genocide Day, marking the anniversary of a crackdown on civilians by Pakistani forces in 1971.


Bangladesh anti-terror raids: Civilians killed in blast

At least two civilians and one policeman killed during the operation at a residential building in Sylhet city.


Hong Kong's election: A vote without voters

Although an election committee will choose Hong Kong's new Chief Executive, the vote has caused much debate in the city.

by Yuen Chan