Conference tackles marine plastic pollution

UNEP and Indonesia launch campaign to solve global issue of massive amounts of plastic ending up in oceans.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-nam attack reveals true nature of North Korea

The risk of proliferation of nerve agents to non-state actors is perhaps the most startling concern.

by J Berkshire Miller


Mosque ambush kills 10 police in northern Afghanistan

Taliban claims responsibility for deadly attack in Jowzjan province as officials blame ISIL.


Bangladesh urged to act over politicians' missing sons

Group calls on government to reveal whereabouts of 'kidnapped' men whose opposition-activist fathers were executed.


After Pakistan carnage, grief, anger and defiance

Pilgrims who lost loved ones in ISIL attack at Sehwan Sharif pledge to continue the shrine's centuries-old traditions.


Rescuing HIV orphans in India

In the absence of centres for Aids patients, Pastor Reji Thomas opened his home to orphaned boys infected with HIV.


Pakistan says gas leak, not bomb, behind Lahore blast

Authorities revise cause of the blast at a market concluding it was an accident not an attack as first reported.

North Korea

Meet the Kims: Who's who in North Korea's first family

With the February 13 killing of Kim Jong-nam, here is an overview of the Kim genealogy and its most important members.

Poverty & Development

Quake survivors spend second winter in temporary homes

Nearly two years on, the reconstruction of thousands of houses destroyed by the deadly quake remains stalled.

Business & Economy

Does the China-Pakistan economic corridor worry India?

The $46bn CPEC project connecting Xinjiang in China to Gwadar in Pakistan has raised concerns in India.


Gunman attack government office in Pakistan's Charsadda

National Database and Registration Authority in Charsadda district fired upon: three gunmen involved.


India adoption centre bosses held for selling children

Adoption agency accused of selling at least 17 children to foreign couples in eastern state and sending them abroad.


Azerbaijani president appoints wife as vice president

Move follows constitutional changes made after a tightly managed referendum last year that introduced vice presidency.


Indonesia: Widespread flooding hits Jakarta

Many days of torrential rain have brought floods to Indonesia's capital, closing schools and causing travel disruption.


Sri Lanka arrests army spies over editor's murder

Five arrested military intelligence officers are suspected of killing prominent anti-establishment newspaper editor.