The Poacher's Pipeline: Exposing wildlife trafficking

Our panellists discuss The Poacher's Pipeline, Al Jazeera's investigation into the illegal rhino horn trade.


Cape Town slave descendants share stories of strength

An exhibit on South Africa's history of slavery helps a new generation understand their heritage.

The Gambia

Gambians seek justice after a 22-year reign of terror

After historic election ousted president Yahya Jammeh, many are eager to see how truth and reconciliation unfolds.


Ghanaian voices on coming presidential elections

As President John Dramani Mahama prepares to face his competition, Ghanaians opine on whether he should be re-elected.


Ghana elections: Vote count begins in tight contest

Elections come at a time of severe economic decline and reports of rising voter intimidation in West African nation.


Kenyans urged to end medical strike after patients die

President Uhuru Kenyatta urges medical workers to return to job, saying nearly 20 patients have died in three days.


New life for South Sudan refugees in Nyumanzi, Uganda

Border town in Uganda where many refugees have found sanctuary and a possibility of a new life.


Nigeria grapples with starvation amid Boko Haram battle

The United Nations warns of the 'largest crisis in Africa' as the offensive against Boko Haram moves at a snail's pace.


Ghanaians vote in knife-edge elections

The race is tight with President John Mahama and his rival Nana Akufo Addo running neck and neck in opinion polls.


Austerity measures fuel discontent in Sudan

What impact will recent economic policies have on the country's citizens?

Inside Story

Is this the beginning of the end for ISIL in Libya?

ISIL has just lost control of the city of Sirte, its last stronghold in Libya.

The Gambia

Gambia president-elect Adama Barrow talks to Al Jazeera

Adama Barrow, who won the election ending 22-year rule of President Yahya Jammeh, vows to introduce two-term limit.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Several dead in DR Congo clashes

At least 20 killed, including 10 soldiers, in central DR Congo as security forces clashed with armed fighters.


Libyan forces retake Sirte from ISIL

Strategic port city known as the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi became an ISIL outpost in 2015.

South Africa

South Africa's move to quit ICC challenged in court

Democratic Alliance opposition party challenges government over move to withdraw from International Criminal Court.