Burkina Faso-Nigeria friendly cancelled over UK visas

Seven Burkina Faso players failed to secure UK entry visas, forcing Monday's football match in London to be cancelled.


Can resettlement prevent irregular migration?

Accessible resettlement programmes for refugees in Africa can curb irregular immigration to the West and save lives.

by Nassim Majidi
- Jessica Hagen-Zanker


Rebel fighters kill 40 policemen in DRC

Officials say the rebel fighters attacked the police as they were driving from Tshikapa to Kananga.


Tuareg factions to boycott Mali peace conference

Separatist groups vow to boycott talks with the government next week, explaining they are not sufficiently inclusive.


Liberia: Economy struggling three years after Ebola outbreak

Three years on from an Ebola outbreak that killed more than 11,000 people, countries in West Africa are still struggling to deal with its effects. The IMF predicts Liberia’s fragile economy will shrink significantly in 2017.


Somali refugees return home amid new leadership

Hundreds of refugees are leaving for Somalia almost every day. Ever since voluntary repatriation started in 2014, more than 50,000 people have returned.

Humanitarian crises

Zimbabwe floods leave villagers stranded

More than 250 people have been killed so far this rainy season as floods have left remote communities isolated.


ICC awards damages to victims of DRC militia leader

Court in The Hague makes first compensation award to victims of war crimes, relating to an attack in the DRC.


Liberia’s Ebola survivors still facing horrors

More than 11,000 people died during the Ebola outbreak in parts of West Africa. Still, over 17,000 people contracted the virus and survived. Three years on, Ebola continues to haunt them.


UN chief: South Sudan is ignoring famine

Secretary-General Guterres says government in Juba refuses to acknowledge plight of 100,000 people suffering famine.


Angola floods kill 11, cause widespread destruction

Deadly floods after heavy rainfall in the north of the country have left thousands homeless.


World Tuberculosis Day: Health workers raise awareness in Sierra Leone

Tuberculosis is among the top ten causes of death worldwide. The World Health Organization says Sierra Leone has one of the highest levels of TB. Health workers in the country are trying to change that by raising awareness.


UNHCR: World has failed Africa's most vulnerable people

UN calls for urgent $250m as numbers of refugees fleeing violence and famine could surpass a million before mid-2017.


Somali leader pleads for help to avert famine

President urges the world to step up, highlighting the 2011 famine that killed 260,000 Somalis.

Business & Economy

Investment in Africa: There's room for everyone

What African countries want are partners who are in it for the long haul and can deliver the best return on investment.

by Rosa Whitaker