Mugabe, 92, says Zimbabweans see no replacement for him

Leader in power since 1980 insists he will contest 2018 elections, by which time he will be 94 years old.

Humanitarian crises

South Sudan military officials quit over 'war crimes'

A brigadier general and colonel detail atrocities in damning resignation letters addressed to president.

Poverty & Development

The bitter taste of Madagascan vanilla

In the world's top vanilla exporting country farmers live in poverty and constant fear of losing their crop to theft.


The Gambia's Adama Barrow sworn in on home soil

World leaders and supporters celebrate president's inauguration, marking end to tense standoff with predecessor Jammeh.


Barrow to be officially sworn in as Gambia's president

Thousands will attend ceremony in the capital Banjul to witness the first democratic transfer of power in the country.

South Sudan

Building peace through video games in South Sudan

In a country ravaged by war and tribal rivalry, software engineer Lual Mayen promotes unity with video and board games.

Humanitarian crises

Suicide bombers 'die in failed attack' in Nigeria

Officials say incident near camp for displaced people resulted in deaths of seven people who tried to attack Maiduguri.


Senegal's cancer patients struggle for treatment

Patients have nowhere to turn after the country's only radiation therapy machine stopped functioning in 2016.


Tropical Storm Dineo hits Mozambique

Storm causes damage in Inhambane Province before heading off towards Limpopo river.

War & Conflict

Atrocities prompt mass exodus on South Sudan border

Thousands of civilians flee as a result of the increasing insecurity and an escalation in violence.

Arts & Culture

From love to politics, comic uses humour to spur change

Senegalese comedian and radio show host Marieme Faye uses the power of satire to address sensitive social issues.


DRC troops kill 101 in clashes with Kamwina Nsapu group

Human rights spokeswoman says death toll suggests 'disproportionate' force with at least 39 women among victims.


How to tackle repetitive droughts in the Horn of Africa

Investing in localised initiatives to mitigate drought can help the continent to break the cyclic nature of disasters.

by Esther Ngumbi


Tropical Cyclone Dineo bears down on Madagascar

The fifth cyclone of the Southern Hemisphere cyclone season threatens flooding in Mozambique and South Africa.

Human Rights

The healing powers of football in the DRC

Against the backdrop of a brutal civil war, millions of Congolese turn to football to cope with the conflict.