How Kenya became the latest victim of 'fake news'

Disinformation and "fake news" were employed to influence young Kenyans' vote during the elections.

Nanjira Sambuli

by Nanjira Sambuli

Nanjira Sambuli

Humanitarian crises

'Morgues overflowing': Sierra Leone overwhelmed

People rush to bury their dead amid fears of disease outbreak after a flood disaster that has killed over 400 people.

Mass burials after devastating Sierra Leone mudslide


DR Congo armed group likely killed investigators: UN

Inquiry also states that others in the Congo may also have been involved in the murder of two UN investigators in March.

DR Congo armed group likely killed investigators: UN

Inside Story

Can the UN achieve peace in Libya?

The United Nations has embarked on a new push to bring together rivals in the war-torn country.


South Africa remembers Marikana miners killed by police

No one has been charged five years after the massacre, in which 34 miners were shot and killed by police.


Zimbabwe first lady seeks immunity in assault case

Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe is accused of assaulting a 20-year-old model in a hotel room in Johannesburg.

Grace Mugabe seeks immunity in S Africa assault case


Kenya opposition to challenge poll results in court

Raila Odinga says he will challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta's election victory at the Supreme Court.

Kenya's Odinga to challenge Kenyatta's victory in court


Sierra Leone in mourning as it buries its dead

More than 300 killed and at least 600 people remain missing in the west African nation as calls for aid grow.


Zambia frees opposition leader, drops treason charges

Hakainde Hichilema, accused of plotting to overthrow government, freed by judge after state prosecutor drops charges.

Zambia frees opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema


Deadly suicide attacks kill dozens in Nigeria

Three suicide bombers detonate explosives near northeast city of Maiduguri in attacks bearing hallmark of Boko Haram.

Suspected Boko Haram bombers kill dozens in Nigeria


South Africa 'fails' to compensate slain miners' families

Five years ago 34 miners striking over poor pay and harsh working conditions were shot and killed by police in South Africa.


'Entire communities wiped out' in Sierra Leone mudslide

Death toll put at more than 300 with another 600 missing following flash flooding and mudslides in and around Freetown.


Mugabe's wife back in Zimbabwe after assault claims

Zimbabwe's first lady fails to hand herself in to South African police after facing accusations of assaulting a model.

Grace Mugabe back in Zimbabwe after assault claims

Middle East

Africa-Israel summit 'justifies colonialism, apartheid'

The forthcoming summit is likely to increase Israel's influence in the UN and the African continent, Palestinians say.

Africa-Israel summit 'justifies colonialism, apartheid'


Burkina Faso in mourning following deadly restaurant attack

Burkina Faso and France have agreed to accelerate the deployment of a multinational military force to combat armed groups in West Africa after a deadly attack on a restaurant in the capital.