Robert Mugabe: Portrait of a presidency

Some key moments in the life of the man who led his country from independence in 1980 until November 21, 2017.

Robert Mugabe: Portrait of a presidency


Who is Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe?

The life, political career and controversies of the African country's longest-serving leader.

Profile: Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe


Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe will be someone else's fiefdom

Deeply entrenched clientelism and the politicised military will likely preclude any major political change in Zimbabwe.

Pedzisai Ruhanya

by Pedzisai Ruhanya

Pedzisai Ruhanya


'Devastating' blast at Nigeria mosque kills at least 50

Death toll rises to the dozens after suicide bomber targets worshippers attending morning prayers in Mubi, police say.

Suicide bomber kills worshippers at mosque in Mubi


UK court hears appeal in Shell Nigeria oil spill case

Communities in Rivers State are demanding that energy giant Royal Dutch Shell clean up oil spills and pay the associated costs.


'Crocodile' Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe's president in waiting

The man considered most likely to replace Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s next president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover.


Fired Zimbabwe VP to return 'shortly, will meet Mugabe'

Zimbabwe's army chief says ex-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa expected to return to the country 'shortly'.

Army: Mnangagwa to return 'shortly', will meet Mugabe


Finding inspiration in Kibera, Kenya's biggest slum

Against tremendous odds, Kibera's residents are determined to change their lives for the better.

Finding inspiration in Kibera, Kenya's biggest slum

Inside Story

Who is in charge of Zimbabwe?

The embattled President Robert Mugabe is clinging to power and faces impeachment.


Mugabe's last victory

How did the 93-year-old Zimbabwean leader manage to hold on to power, defying his generals and ruling party?

Alex Magaisa

by Alex Magaisa

Alex Magaisa


Kenya court upholds Kenyatta victory in rerun vote

Kenya's Supreme Court has upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory in a rerun vote that was held in October.

Supreme Court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta's victory


'Surprise and disbelief' as Mugabe refuses to resign

Zimbabwe's president vows to preside over ruling party's congress next month despite being sacked as ZANU-PF leader.

No resignation as Robert Mugabe addresses nation


Five things you need to know about Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe is fast losing his grip on the country and pressure is building on him to quit.

Five things you need to know about Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabweans on social media react to Mugabe's speech

After President Robert Mugabe defies calls to resign in anticipated speech, many take to Twitter to express their views.

Zimbabwe: Social media reacts to Robert Mugabe's speech


15 Moroccan women killed in food aid stampede

At least 15 women killed in a stampede in west Morocco while gathering to receive food aid.

Morocco: Fifteen women killed in food aid stampede