Human Rights

Australia says it turned back over 600 migrants at sea

Government reveals it sent back 20 boats carrying 633 asylum seekers since controversial border law enacted in 2013.


Guilty by association: The case of Adam Goodes

The controversy will draw more attention to the issues facing Aboriginal Australia.

by Jeff Sparrow

War & Conflict

Fear, loathing and Australian politics

Tony Abbott's proposed security measures are not making Australians feel any safer.

by Anneliese Mcauliffe

Inside Story

Australia: Paying off people smugglers?

Latest controversy pushes prime minister's hardline policy on asylum seekers back in the spotlight.

Human Rights

Stopping migrant boats Australia style

Australian PM Abbott urges the EU to take a tougher stance on migrants after hundreds drown in the Mediterranean.

Human Rights

Blog: Truth about British shock-jock and migrant boats

Katie Hopkins is right about Australia's boat policies. But what does her praise mean for country's reputation?


Australia's Abbott announces crystal meth task force

Federal government to work with states to tackle "ice epidemic", with usage of the drug doubling in 12 months.

Asia Pacific

Australia PM hints MH370 search may be scaled back

Abbott tells parliament he cannot promise intensity of search for missing Malaysia Airlines plane will go on "forever".

Asia Pacific

OPINION: Tony Abbott's anti-Muslim bigotry exposed

Australia PM reinforces long-manufactured climate of fear and framing of Muslims as 'Other'.

by Randa Abdel-Fattah


Australia PM announces new counterterror measures

Tony Abbott says strategy against "home-grown extremists" includes revoking citizenship for those fighting overseas.


Alarm over Abbott's view on Islam

Many Australians feel the prime minister is putting down a "with us or against us" line.

Asia Pacific

Report: No intelligence failure in Australia cafe siege

Review says nation's security hotline had received 18 calls about self-styled cleric but none suggested imminent attack.

Human Rights

Children of asylum seekers suffer in Australian camps

Assaults and sexual abuse involving children of asylum seekers revealed in new report leads to calls for their release