The UK and US: The myth of the special relationship

The term was first coined by Winston Churchill in 1946, but does the 'special relationship' really exist?


Death in detention: Suicide attempts soar in the UK

Some 393 refugees and migrants locked up tried to take their lives in 2015 - a record-high average of one a day.


Triggering Article 50

Did UK MPs represent their constituents in parliament over Brexit?

Muslim Ban

Nationwide protests in the UK over Trump's Muslim ban

Britons protest against PM's invitation to Donald Trump after he banned nationals of seven states from entering the US.

Muslim Ban

#TheresaTheAppeaser: Anger at PM over Trump Muslim ban

British leader condemned for refusal to denounce US ban on visitors, refugees, and migrants from seven Muslim states.


Trump is in the way of Theresa May's global gamble

With Brexit, Theresa May is seeking alternative free trade partners, but Trump's nativism is standing in her way.

by Richard Seymour


Can the EU survive the populist wave?

The EU must "get its act together" and become a "real union", or else disappear, says former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt.

United States

Russia, NATO, torture dominate Trump-May talks

UK prime minister becomes first foreign leader to meet Donald Trump since he was sworn in as US president a week ago.

United States

UK's May becomes first foreign leader to meet Trump

Britain's prime minister arrives in Washington for discussions on a wide range of issues, including trade and security.

Theresa May

Theresa May and the Brexit divide

'She has none of the normal parliamentary and media constraints and is one of UK's most powerful prime ministers...'


Why a hard Brexit will cost the UK more than Europe

Brussels has several cards up its sleeve that could hinder Theresa May's plans for a clean and painless Brexit.

by Remi Piet

United Kingdom

UK Supreme Court: Parliament must give Brexit go-ahead

Supreme Court rules the prime minister must seek approval from parliament before initiating negotiations to leave EU.


Britain will leave EU single market, says PM

Theresa May announces plans for a clean break from EU bloc and promises that politicians will vote on final Brexit deal.

Inside Story

Is a 'hard Brexit' the best way for UK to leave EU?

British Prime Minister Theresa May outlines her country's plan to leave the European Union.


UK: PM to rule out 'half-in' EU deal in Brexit speech

Theresa May to signal 'hard' Brexit that will see full break from EU as Britain prepares to leave single market.