May 'delaying report on Saudi funding of UK extremism'

Publication of report, which reportedly focuses on Saudi Arabia, has been delayed by the PM, British media says.

United Kingdom

Thousands join anti-government protests in UK

Protesters vent anger at PM Theresa May over housing policy in wake of Grenfell Tower disaster that killed at least 80.

Thousands join anti-government protests in UK


UK's May faces backlash after DUP deal

Leaders in Scotland and Wales complain of austerity, and the DUP's rivals in Northern Ireland say deal threatens peace.


British PM says EU citizens can stay in UK after Brexit

Theresa May pledges to protect EU citizen rights but UK also insists it will have full jurisdiction over such rights.


Pressure on May as Grenfell Tower death toll rises

British police say now 79 feared dead as opposition mounts pressure on government to relocate residents.

UK: Pressure on May as Grenfell Tower death toll rises


58 presumed dead in London tower blaze

Anger is rising against British authorities over safety failings and a widely perceived slow release of information.

UK police: 58 presumed dead in Grenfell Tower blaze


Was the UK election a rejection of Brexit?

We ask former Conservative minister Norman Lamont if the vision of a 'hard' Brexit is over and where the UK is headed.


May 'to delay unveiling policy' amid political turmoil

UK government will delay by 'a few days' presentation of its programme in parliament after shock election, BBC reports.

UK 'to delay Queen's Speech' amid political crisis

The Listening Post

How the 'war on terror' coverage affected the UK vote

Is the British media out of touch with the public in the 'terrorism' debate?

The Listening Post

Britain votes: How terror shaped the election coverage

We examine how acts of terror shaped the British media narrative in the run-up to the UK election. Plus, Cuban cinema.

Theresa May

Britain's PM ignores calls to quit after shock result

Britain's PM apologises for losing Conservatives' majority after snap election, but vows to continue despite anger.

Theresa May shuns calls to resign after shock result

Inside Story

How long can Britain's May cling to power?

UK Conservative Party to form minority government with the help of the DUP after Thursday's vote.

United Kingdom

UK's May to form minority government

Conservative leader receives mandate from queen to form new government, despite losing her majority in general election.


UK reacts: 'Theresa May has won own goal of the season'

Celebration, disappointment and jokes run through British social media as latest projections show a hung parliament.

'In shock': Social media reacts to UK election


Exit poll shows Tories falling short of majority

Poll by broadcasters shows Tories in lead after tumultuous campaign brought to a halt twice by ISIL-inspired attacks.

UK: Exit poll points to Tory falling short of majority