Theresa May is failing Brexit Britain

From unsuccessful trade policies to a civil service in chaos, Britain is far from ready for Brexit.

by Alastair Sloan


UK names new EU ambassador ahead of Brexit talks

The unexpected resignation of Ivan Rogers came just weeks before the Brexit negotiations were to start.


Iran's supreme leader blasts UK as source of 'evil'

Comments by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei come after Prime Minister Theresa May called Tehran a "threat" to the Middle East.


May's Brexit gambit

May played the prerogative powers card to gain political advantage and push for a "softer" Brexit.

by Richard Seymour


Brexit court ruling exposes bitter divide in the UK

MP resignation, tabloid anger, and angry hashtags, a day after judges rule Brexit needs parliamentary approval.

United Kingdom

UK's Brexit plan suffers judicial setback

High Court says government cannot implement country's exit from European Union without parliament's approval.


UK Conservative Party's migration comments prompt anger

Conservative government's clampdown on immigration provokes anger from opponents and business leaders.


UK: Theresa May turns left in Conservative Party speech

British PM pledges to spread wealth to working-class people in an unusual address from the Conservative leader.

United Kingdom

Anti-austerity protests greet Tory conference

Left-wing groups criticise cuts to public services as ruling Conservative Party holds annual conference in Birmingham.